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Hallo everyone, and welcome to June. We're nearing the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, meaning there is a lot of 'magic hour' light with which to capture some great atmospheric scenes. Personally I'm spending the entire time behind a desk fan, but that's just me.

This is just a short piece of correspondence to let you know about some current Community Relations-led events that might be of interest and relevance to the Abstract & Surreal community. Feel free to take part, or to inform me of other abstract and surreal happenings that you know of or are involved with: I'll be sure to update this journal to include them here.

Monthly Photography Critique Thread

Watched over by Kaz-D and 3wyl, this is a monthly initiative to get people to comment and particularly critique on the works of others. It also offers artists the chance to submit one piece of their own work for critique by their peers. This is a worthwhile cause, and I feel it may be useful to members of the abstract and surreal community whose work struggles to garner feedback. The June edition is now live and you can take part here.

Monthly Abstract & Surreal Thumbshare

This is a recurring feature of mine that invites all abstract and surreal artists to take part and share a selection of their own abstract and surreal work. It doesn't matter about the medium; I feel that the genre is more important than the processes involved in creating an image. If you don't have any relevant work of your own, or simply if you'd prefer, you're also welcome to share the work of others that you particularly enjoy. The regular edition of the thread can be found here, and the premium edition for subscribers can be found here. At the end of the month, the nine images that I enjoy most will be published in a special Feature Friday article.

Monthly Photography Chat Events

With the launch of CRPhotography, some changes have been made to the monthly photography chat events. From now, they will be held in #CRPhotography rather than #CommunityRelations, and there are plans to make this a fortnightly event, with one being scheduled to suit European photographers and another planned to suit artists from the Americas. There are currently no chat events scheduled, but any updates will be published here.

Monthly Feature & News Roundup

With Photography Fortnightly only occurring intermittently of late, I've taken the decision to use this pinboard journal to host the content I would usually promote there. As such, here will be the main source of updates and features from the major abstract and surreal groups. Please do check out the links and features which follow this introduction, as there is much to be found of great interest and intrigue throughout their content. Additionally, I have included news updates from relevant sources.

June Contest AnnouncementApril/May Contest Winners
Congratulations to the winners of the April/May traditional art contest.
1st Place

2nd Place

June Contest "Surreal Matrimony"
1. This is a Surreal Art Only contest.
2. Any medium is allowed.
3. Old and New works are allowed.
4. 1 submission per member.
5. Contest closes on the 28th.
6. Submit entries here -------> http://abstract-and-surreal.deviantart.com/gallery/41267313
1st Place: 200 points and 6 months of Premium
2nd Place: 100 points and 3 months of Premium
Good Luck!
  Abstract and Surreal Spotlight Vol. 19Einsilbig's
Spotlight Vol. 19
Abstract and Surreal
The Spotlight
Alpine I
by Mar-jus
On a sunny afternoon
by Rob1962
by donmezerm
The having been
by mehrmeer
Turn the tide
by freMDart
Mann und Meer
by Gunbowolf
endless solitude
by Inextremiss
it was really, really grey
by ra-gro
  Abstract and Surreal Spotlight Vol. 20Einsilbig's
Spotlight Vol. 20
Abstract and Surreal
The Spotlight
by mldzz
Squary extention
by Dylou-Lee
Respirami il silenzio
by martaraff
by Azenoire
My secret pool
by Menoevil
Into Another Dimension
by DpressedSoul
29. April 2013 II
by Filterkaffee
Broken Reality
by tholang
  Abstract and Surreal Spotlight Vol. 21Einsilbig's
Spotlight Vol. 21
Abstract and Surreal
The Spotlight
by AlmAArietis
by o-BlueMoon-o
Expelled from Eden
by AiniTolonen
by Hengki24
Last taxi before you go
by cameraflou
Warsaw lines 5
by joannakossak
Fallen Angels
by lostknightkg
Tribute 5
by PatrickLeBorgne
  Abstract and Surreal Spotlight Vol. 22Einsilbig's
Spotlight Vol. 22
Abstract and Surreal
The Spotlight
Dark Matter
by insolitus85
lost in your shadow
by Inextremiss
There is an end
by PawelMatys
by Proxojiy
Enter the Void
by DanCrystalis
water secrets
by m-lucia
morning shadows
by hnji
Enjoy The Silence
by IngoSchobert
  Ode to simplicity - Monthly special XIXWe proudly present a glorious selection from the May Gallery submissions Ode-to-simplicity.
Open your eyes.
Open your soul.
Feel the beauty flow within.
Don't forget to :+fav: this journal if you like it.

Tear Reservoir by DpressedSoul 996 by Mords
Fallen angel by matze-end Message and The Bottle by warnaiman ir850 ii by ChristianRudat
Georg-Friedrich-Haendel Halle by MatthiasHaltenhof :thumb357619733: Topography of Terror by Einsilbig
Freckled by drkshp Art Of Fog by lightnoize :thumb359278129:
dans le parc by baspunk :thumb369032769:On the top. by OliviaMichalski
O l d _ D o c k by 4lexandr0s A Cup of Leafs by ifsantag Elixir. by OliviaMichalski
art of decay 7356 by EvaShoots A qui le tour? by NanisKa Under the Bridge by Einsilbig
:thumb373777713: Lost in the shadows by MikkoLagerstedt Details in architecture I by FeliDae84
Leaves V by MatsHolmberg Eperdument by amiejo
Collected and arranged by augenweide
Kind regards,
Ode-to-simplicity team
i love things simple by simplicity-fan keep it simple by simplicity-fan
free e-magazine about fine art photogr
Group's organizationHello,
We have just made a few changes in the different galleries :
«Weather» gallerie has been closed. Pictures have been relocated in «Sky-Wind-Fire» or «Multi Topic» galleries.
A new gallerie has been created : «Nature-Abstracted DD». This collection is reserved to daily deviation of nature abstracted photographs :aww:
«Plant-Trees» gallerie becomes «Plants-Trees-Fungi» gallerie.
To reinforce our engagment toward abstraction combined with nature, a clean-up will be done in the next weeks, the following pictures will be removed :
- Pictures more figurative than abstracted.
- Pictures with heavy manipulations (ex : mirror effect, added blurr...).
- Pictures with the presence of objects (exception for «Rust and chemical reactions»).
- In the rust and chemical reactions : Pictures showing shape of an object or pictures with paint.
A small number of artworks should be affected by this clean-up. Be sure that we do not judge in any manner the artistic aspect of these pictures.
To conclude
  Looking for more Commenters and Volunteers!Spare time? Why not consider joining the group as a Volunteer and/or joining the Commenter System as a Commenter? :la:
We are desperately in need for people interested in:
:bulletblue: Photography
:bulletblue: Traditional Art
:bulletblue: Literature Poetry
:bulletblue: Literature Prose
:bulletblue: Cartoons & Comics
:bulletblue: Manga/Anime
:bulletblue: Fan Art
All you have to do is look and suggest two :+fav:s a week to our Favourites. That's all there is to it!
If you are interested, please send us a note with the subject: Volunteer Application and tell us what type of art you're interested in! :eager:
Secondly, we need more people to sign up for our Commenter System, especially if you are interested in Literature and/or like to comment on Literature pieces! Please consider helping us out by filling the form listed
Felicitous Artist 004As mentioned in the Felcitous Artist Feature 002
aerendial :iconaerendial: was choosen via a poll to become our next Proximo Artist. By some circumstances he decided just in this moment to be absent from dA for a longer time.
And my intention of a feature is, that the artist can enjoy it .... and so now is the time that I want to present you our amazing Kirke.  I'm not sure if he is really present ... but I will give it a try :-)
Some of you know him, because he is the founder of :iconshadowLIGHTseeker:.  But today I want to show him as an artist, in my eyes a wonderful artist who is possible to gamble with all the world gives to play with :heart:
Hope you enjoy the tour via Kirkes world:
.. the abstract world

.. the nature world

.. the combinating world

.. the recombinating world

.. the integrative world

Competitive Actuation 001 - Final resultDear members, watchers and friends :iconcoffeedanceplz:
now our little adventure of organizing our first contest comes to it's end and I'm proud to present you the winners. :woohoo:
As written in the contest description the winners were choosen by a combination (50/50) of the votes of polls and the votes from the jury. This to be as fair as possible. I know there are many ways to get votes in polls. ;-)
And a result of this mixed voting is, that we have had a split decision for the third place and consequently two third places.
But now enough :blahblah:. Here are our wonderful winners :heart:



The Colo(u)r Thief

Thank you very much, baspunk, for this lovely dedication to WhoNeedsColour.
Your colo(u)r thieves are...
...and always will be:
Introducing New Gallery FoldersHello everybody,
due to popular request we have applied some changes to the gallery folders of our group:
"Landscapes, Flora and Fauna" 
now is the place for all your nature photos, drawings or paintings.
"Urban and Street" 
now is the place for all urban-related photography, drawings or paintings and for street photography, 
while the former "Scapes, Urban and Rural" folder has been closed for submissions.
:new: "Black and White Art Features" :new:
Pretty much self-explanatory, isn't it? ^^
Please do always choose one of the themed folders for your submissions,
it helps us to keep the gallery organised.
Thank you!
WNC - Monthly Feature No. 30Don't forget to :+favlove: this feature if you like it.
You can also "+1" it on Google+
>>> [link] <<<
This is a selection from last month's submissions to
Have a close look!

A subtle sense of poetry by EinsilbigInto Another Dimension by DpressedSouldefragmentation of sight by aerendial
Dune by MarcinFlisSupposition by KizukiTamura
Untitled by lwc71not in your nature by davespertineUntitled by lwc71
Alpine I by Mar-jus996 by MordsAlpine IV by Mar-jus
1064553w by PatrickLeBorgne

Round 5 Panel 5-4 by ArianeJurquet A Chipmunk for Jocelyne by saperlipop
Round 5 Panel 5-4 by ArianeJurquet A Chipmunk for Jocelyne by saperlipop WHEN I WOKE UP,MY FAITH HAD DIED.. by chryssalis
A Chipmunk for Jocelyne by saperlipop WHEN I WOKE UP,MY FAITH HAD DIED.. by chryssalis Colossus by aerendial

The Here and After by Olga-Zervou 10. Banquet by Dezenerate
  10. Banquet by Dezenerate untitled by crh
10. Banquet by Dezenerate untitled by crh ps114 by Campo-Diaz

That's all for now; thank-you for your time.

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Impressive compilation of news! Thanks for this work :hug: