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Hallo everyone, and welcome to August. Heatwaves abound in the northern hemisphere, but I hope that some of you at least are enjoying the warmth. Me, I'm waiting for the onset of autumn.

This is just a short piece of correspondence to let you know about some current Community Relations-led events that might be of interest and relevance to the Abstract & Surreal community. Feel free to take part, or to inform me of other abstract and surreal happenings that you know of or are involved with: I'll be sure to update this journal to include them here.

Monthly Photography Critique Thread

Watched over by Kaz-D and 3wyl, this is a monthly initiative to get people to comment and particularly critique on the works of others. It also offers artists the chance to submit one piece of their own work for critique by their peers. This is a worthwhile cause, and I feel it may be useful to members of the abstract and surreal community whose work struggles to garner feedback. The August edition is now live and you can take part here.

Monthly Abstract & Surreal Thumbshare

This is a recurring feature of mine that invites all abstract and surreal artists to take part and share a selection of their own abstract and surreal work. It doesn't matter about the medium; I feel that the genre is more important than the processes involved in creating an image. If you don't have any relevant work of your own, or simply if you'd prefer, you're also welcome to share the work of others that you particularly enjoy. The regular edition of the thread can be found here, and the premium edition for subscribers can be found here. At the end of the month, the nine images that I enjoy most will be published in a special Feature Friday article.

Monthly Photography Chat Events

With the launch of CRPhotography, some changes have been made to the monthly photography chat events. From now, they will be held in #CRPhotography rather than #CommunityRelations, and there are plans to make this a fortnightly event, with one being scheduled to suit European photographers and another planned to suit artists from the Americas. Any updates relating to chat events will be published here.

Monthly Feature & News Roundup

With Photography Fortnightly only occurring intermittently of late, I've taken the decision to use this pinboard journal to host the content I would usually promote there. As such, here will be the main source of updates and features from the major abstract and surreal groups. Please do check out the links and features which follow this introduction, as there is much to be found of great interest and intrigue throughout their content. Additionally, I have included news updates from relevant sources, and personal journals worth another look.

August Contest and July Winners July Winners
Well done to those who entered the July Contest - the theme was quite tricky and definitely needed a bit of imagination to get something creative made for it. The prizes each month are listed at the bottom of the article - definitely worth participating for! Without further ado here are our winners...
1st Place

2nd Place

1st Place: 200 points and 6 months of Premium
2nd Place: 100 points and 3 months of Premium
August Challenge
This one is open to all mediums and the theme is 'Summer'. So whether you're a photographer, a sculptor, a traditional artist or a digtalist, get creative and submit now!
1. Work must be your own!
2. Any medium is allowed.
3. Work must have been created this year.
4. 1 submission per member.
5. Contest closes on the 29th.
6. Submit
Abstract and Surreal Spotlight Vol. 27Einsilbig's
Spotlight Vol. 27
Abstract and Surreal
The Spotlight
Seek the rain Pauly
by Barnum60
I met you last night .. in my dream
by Menoevil
by insolitus85
C'est la nuit
by StephanePellennec
by ValeriyaSegal
Across the wires
by vbagiatis
by McKenzie-James
by KizukiTamura
Abstract and Surreal Spotlight Vol. 28Einsilbig's
Spotlight Vol. 28
Abstract and Surreal
The Spotlight
by lostknightkg
monochrome microuniverse
by a-b-n
Shadowed dreams
by Inextremiss
by TanjaMaria
Little Nightmares
by ElenaHelfrecht
by puken
I didnt say a word
by AiniTolonen
by Menoevil
Abstract and Surreal Spotlight Vol. 29Einsilbig's
Spotlight Vol. 29
Abstract and Surreal
The Spotlight
Bain de Lune
by DismayedSense
If shadows had life
by slumberbreeze
Drowning By Wing Beats
by disies
to light the way where you have gone
by LostOneself
gitternetz zwischen hier und jetzt
by scheinbar
The Transition
by Ragnar949
Silent Melodies
by ElenaHelfrecht
Ode to simplicity - Monthly special XXIWe proudly present a glorious selection from the July Gallery submissions Ode-to-simplicity.
Open your eyes.
Open your soul.
Feel the beauty flow within.
Don't forget to :+fav: this journal if you like it.

Different Types by matze-end Infinite Horizons by DpressedSoul

:thumb384153874: calmness by EintoeRn 1078 by Mords
Curve and the Lighthouse by KrzysztofJedrzejak the dissident by m-lucia Looking at the clouds by hunterside
:thumb384649559: fade and then return by bluePartout :thumb387866904:
Collected and arranged by augenweide
Kind regards,
Ode-to-simplicity team
i love things simple by simplicity-fan keep it simple by simplicity-fan
free e-magazine about fine art photography
WNC - Monthly Feature No. 32Don't forget to :+favlove: this feature if you like it.
You can also "+1" it on Google+
>>> [link] <<<
This is a selection from last month's submissions to
Satisfaction is guaranteed...

...for kids and pugs, and all the others. ;)

Hope by MartinStranka
.T. by dasTOK
at the window by StephanePellennecMask by MarinaCoricuntitled by thesadstork
on legs by scheinbar***** by AlexanderNasa
Nature-Abstracted : July Selection

Fish are jumping by StephanePellennec
Grass and water by MissUmlaut
Three pictures in three minutes !
It has become a huge feature BURSTING with fine art !
Thank you all for making it possible !
I am overwhelmed by this outcome :heart:
Scroll to the end, PLEASE ;-)


3in3 by ltiana355
3in3 by ltiana355
Do Not Disturb My Psychedelic Dreams by HMissXX
Three Felines In Three Minutes by MARX77
Une vieille amie... by Douce-Amertume
Three In Three... by altergromit Three white objects by AleksandraTorbina *FLEURS - FLOWERS by JeanFrancoisBayle
Felicitous Artist 005Thanks again for helping us to choose the next member, which will be featured for one month.
I'm glad to present you this month a wonderful member and artist Weissglut:iconWeissglut:
Please see below a little collection out of her amazing gallery - seen with my eyes :heart:
...from closer views:

...via paths/ways:

...or stairs:

...far far away:

disillusions by Weissglut
-- by Weissglut
...through the country:
__ by Weissglut
..... by Weissglut
__ by Weissglut
...overcoming obstacles:
Dying Nature by Weissglut
--- by Weissglut
destinies end by Weissglut
...crossing borders:
...into the deep forest:
(=) by Weissglut
. by Weissglut
gloomy grey by Weissglut
...into cemetries:
'It Grieves My Heart' by Weissglut
Desire For Death by Weissglut
_ by Weissglut
...by passing trees:
-- by Weissglut
Feature: *NicPiI would like to introduce you all to Nicole aka NicPi.
Founder of the wonderful group:
A long overdue feature. And it has changed considerably from the initial setup.
Below a selection of some of my favourites from NicPi's gallery, mixed with some collabs and new surprise kaleidoscope.
I hope you like it Nicole!
:iconNicPi: :iconNicPi: :iconNicPi:
:iconNicPi: :iconNicPi: :iconNicPi:
:iconNicPi: :iconNicPi: :iconNicPi:

Die special 50th Ghul Show with LOTS OF GUESTS!: Welcome to YOUR humble show, :icondasghul:!
: Today, it is the 50th episode of this glorious program, so the boys and I thought it to be a nice idea to invite ALL former participants again, letting THEM ask the questions this time!
: So… Do you enjoy being here? :)
:icondasghul:: Thanks, dear Ghouls! :icongrouphugplz: Of course I do enjoy it, and I'm curious what the guests might ask me today… :eager:
:icongrahamsym:: What question would you most like to be asked?
:icondasghul:: I guess anything about ME would do!
I love ME! :iconmeplz::iconmyiconisprettyplz::thumbsup:
:iconmarcgosselin:: How long have you been hosting the Ghoul Show, and what sparked the idea to do this fabulous show of yours?
:icondasghul:: The first Ghoul Show was done on May 27th, 2012. Since then, I did my very humble ghoulish best to get a new guest every week.
Actually, I was tired of being just a normal ghoul with humble powers just ov
Ask the Art Professor: 60+ free art articlesI'm a professor at RISD, and I've written over 60 articles addressing everything from artist block, drawing techniques, art school, what to put in an art portfolio, to career advice. You can read all 60+ articles at this link: http://claralieu.wordpress.com/ask/ [NO] NEW FOLDERS!!!I've had it with our old folder system! . . . and I'm sure you haven't enjoyed it either.  So, I created two new folders that need no introduction but maybe some definition: "Abstract" and "Surreal".  These are the two categories upon which our group is founded.  The old system was based on months and had little to no purpose except to browse newer vs. older images but that ought not matter in a group like this.  I'm sure you'll agree this is the better idea.  If you find these folders to be too broad, please let me know and I will break them down into more defined categories, i.e. "nonrepresentational", "tight crop" and "motion blur" instead of "abstract".  Your suggestions are welcome and will be considered.
Now, to define these categories.  I believe this to be necessary because I've noticed many people classifying their work as "surreal" when it is abstract or vice versa.  In the simplest terms, abstract is a distortion of visual reality whil
Creatively Photograph 13!Last day for entries! Get your cameras out and get creative!!
It's deviantART's thirteenth BIRTHDAY! And what better way to celebrate than to participate right here on-site with lots of happenings, shenanigans, contests and more. To find out exactly what's going on today (and over the next little while) head to this blog! In the meantime, if you've got a camera and a bit of creativity handy then why not enter the Photographing Thirteen Contest!
Your challenge is to creative photograph the number thirteen! This could include the word thirteen, the number 13, or thirteen different items arranged in a creative way. You officially have permission in particular, to play with your food! The contest is open to general photography so you can submit along the lines of any of the Photography sub categories. There are a few rules and info on how to enter...
Rules and Entering
:star: One entry per person
:star: Entrie
Quote Contest Nr. 2 !!Here we go! Let your inspiration flow on this beautiful quote :
Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
- You may enter with one photograph.
- The photograph may be new or old, but of course it has to fit in our group.
You can enter by posting a link to your deviation as a comment on this journal.
The winner will have her/his photograph featured here in Beautiful Blur together with this quote for at least one week!
The judges this time are   :iconjustanothersomeone: :iconinsolitus85: :iconnicpi:
Deadline is: 09 - 09 - 2013
Have fun! :sun:
Update! thank you and collaborators opens!Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let you all know that we were successful with our fund-raising and that we opened the exhibition last night.
We'll be posting some photo from the opening soon on the blog, so go have a look if you've got 5 minutes :dance:
It's been a crazy week, so I apologise for not saying thank you sooner - thanks very much to all of you that helped spread the word about the project on your blogs and pages and to those of you that donate.
We would never have reached our target with all the support, so thanks once again!!
The exhibition planing is coming along and we just posted our poster for the new exhibition over on the blog.
I also wanted to let you know that we were recently interviewed by Einuhr for Kwerfeldein magazine, you can read it

That's all for now; thank-you for your time.

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Thanks for mentioning the spotlights :nod: