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Hallo everyone, and welcome to April. Despite the recent bad weather here in the UK and beyond, the clocks have changed for us and officially we're in summer time. With the longer days comes greater opportunity to capture those shots you've been planning over the winter.

This is just a short piece of correspondence to let you know about some current Community Relations-led events that might be of interest and relevance to the Abstract & Surreal community. Feel free to take part, or to inform me of other abstract and surreal happenings that I could promote.

communityrelations Stamp Project

This month sees a special contest ran by communityrelations, with the theme being stamps for Community Volunteers. The aim of the contest is simple: create as many support stamps as you like for the people who volunteer their time and efforts towards the site, and win prizes in return. The contest closes on the 30th April, and further details can be found here.

Photography Monthly Critique Thread

Watched over by Kaz-D and 3wyl, this is a monthly initiative to get people to comment and particularly critique on the works of others. It also offers artists the chance to submit one piece of their own work for critique by their peers. This is a worthwhile cause, and I feel it may be useful to members of the abstract and surreal community whose work struggles to garner feedback. The April edition is now live and you can take part here.

communityrelations Photography Chat Events

With the launch of CRPhotography, some changes have been made to the monthly photography chat events. From now, they will be held in #CRPhotography rather than #CommunityRelations, and there are plans to make this a fortnightly event, with one being scheduled to suit European photographers and another planned to suit artists from the Americas. The first chat night for this month was held on the 3rd, and a detailed summary of events can be found here.

Abstract-and-Surreal March Contest Results

Abstract-and-Surreal's March contest is over and has been judged. The theme was Nightmares and the winners, chosen by poll, are :devnazrin-poladl: and esracolak. Their images can be seen below and the relevant article is here. Please join me in congratulating the winners, and do please take a look through the other contest entries.

Abstract-and-Surreal April Contest

In related news, the same group has now hosted their April contest. The theme is Waves & Ripples and is open only to abstract and surreal traditional artists. The contest ends on the 28th April, and the only real stipulations are that the image must be new; that is, taken since April 1st, that the piece is in the traditional art category, and that entrants are members of the group. Full details of the contest can be found here.

Monthly Abstract & Surreal Thumbshare

This is a recurring feature of mine that invites all abstract and surreal artists to take part and share a selection of their own abstract and surreal work. It doesn't matter about the medium; I feel that the genre is more important than the processes involved in creating an image. If you don't have any relevant work of your own, or simply if you'd prefer, you're also welcome to share the work of others that you particularly enjoy. The regular edition of the thread can be found here, and the premium edition for subscribers can be found here. At the end of the month, the nine images that I enjoy most will be published in a special Feature Friday article.

Photography Fortnightly Roundup

A fortnightly compendium of news and information around the site, this round-up is invaluable to those with a general interest in the photography category on deviantART. Each fortnight I help put together the abstract and surreal section of the article, and one can find all relevant news and updates for Abstract & Surreal photography from the last two weeks. The last edition, which would have been published on the 15th of March, didn't go live; I am pasting what would have been my entry below. Please note that some of the news is now outdated.

Since the last update, arctoa has continued with his regular editions of Friday Feature and Saturday Spotlight. The latest features involve February's Thumbshare Highlights and another collection of Recent Discoveries, while the latest interviews capture the thoughts and works of *Une-Vache and *ra-gro. Additionally, the March run of his Abstract & Surreal Thumbshare is still live and both the Regular and Subscriber versions are open for participation.

Around the groups, Abstract-and-Surreal has released the winners of their last contest and provided information about their newest competition: both of these announcements can be read here. non-real has put out a journal of their featured artist for ths month, which can be found here. Meanwhile, Ode-to-simplicity has released their own Monthly Special feature journal, and devPREMIUM has two new Abstract & Surreal spotlights: Vol.11 and Vol.12.

That's all for now; thank-you for your time.

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