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Detailed Guidelines

If you're thinking about submitting a piece of art for consideration as a Daily Deviation, please consider the following:
  • I am the CV for Abstract and Surreal photography: this means that I will only consider work that is situated in either of these categories. If the piece you're wishing to suggest is not categorised in Abstract or Surreal photography, please consult this list of Community Volunteers to ascertain who an appropriate recipient would be.

  • To make a suggestion, just drop me a note with the subject line of DD Suggestion. Include the :thumb#########: code for the piece, which can be found to the right-hand side of the deviation page. I would appreciate it if you were to leave a short message to let me know why you think it should be featured, but this is entirely optional. Finally, let me know if you want your suggestion to be anonymous or not; if you don't specify this, I will assume that you're fine with having your username placed in the suggested by field of the DD feature.

  • If you've come across a gallery full of work that you enjoy and you're not sure which piece to suggest, I will accept notes which have more than one thumb contained within. Similarly, by sending me a note you're giving me licence to look through the entire gallery of the artist you're suggesting, which may result in me choosing another piece from their collection. In this instance, you would still get credited as being suggester if not specified as being anonymous.

  • Please ensure that the artist whose work you're wishing to suggest hasn't already received a Daily Deviation in the last six months. Additionally, I'm unlikely to feature an artist who has already had several features in the past, or whose work regularly accrues significant attention within deviantART. This isn't to say that I will discount any popular work out of hand, but I would rather feature the work of artists who are yet to be discovered by the community.

  • When making a suggestion, send your note to only one Community Volunteer. Putting the same submission into the inboxes of multiple CVs will cause confusion, and will likely make it less likely that you'll be successful in having a suggestion featured.

  • It is likely that I will not reply to your suggestion note: don't be discouraged! All suggestions are taken into consideration. With this in mind, please refrain from sending the same suggestion more than once.

  • As with other aspects in life, people are different. Please remember that not everyone has the same taste in art, so you may not understand or approve of some of my DD features. You're welcome to contact me via note for an explanation of why I chose that particular piece, but I ask that you remain respectful towards the featured artist and refrain from posting inflammatory or hurtful comments on their pages. Instead, send in your own Daily Deviation suggestions!

Step-by-Step Submission

If you're still not sure of what to do, follow these simple steps and you'll be good to go.

  • Ensure the piece you're suggesting is located in Abstract or Surreal Photography.

  • Send me a note with the subject line of DD Suggestion.

  • Include the :thumb#########: to the piece, or link to a gallery if you can't choose just one.

  • If you want your suggestion to remain anonymous, say so in the note.

  • Include a short explanation why you think it should be featured, if you wish.

Official FAQs

Finally, here's a list of related deviantART FAQs.

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If I suggested a piece to you, how long normally would I have to wait to know the result of my suggestion - of course in case you don't feature that piece?