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iChat Remixed

iChat Remixed

An Adium .AdiumIcon dock icon set.

Original icon by Jonas Rask.
Based on xAdium by ysdog (aka sdh).

All I did was take the original icon and create a few different statuses from that, and put it into an .AdiumIcon package.
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great icon set! by any chance, could you post the individual .icns you used for the "online" icon? i would like to use it as an icon for ichat, but jonas rask only has the icon in form of a folder, and i can't seem to get the actual image from it.
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Very nice, thanks
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what is the icon after itunes on second screenshot?
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Gahh I can't remember off the top of my head, nor can I find it, but I remember it's part of the Developers Tool package...
I used it for Transmission, as did many people at MacThemes.

I'll have a proper look for it if you really want it...?
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If you could i'll be so happy :) I've your theme downloaded at adiumxtras :) and there was something like yabba yabba but i couldn't find it either. I saw some coments about macthemes site but nothing :<

I want use it ;D for transmission too coz it looks great
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I had this idea, I actually made it. But it was just the original icon for all statusus. Nice work!
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Excellent work.
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best adium icon ever :D awesome port :D
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Love that iChat bubble! ;)
Good work dr.vox! :)
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