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Gill Sans Text Dock Icons

Here's a set of 75 text-only icons set in Gill Sans, in .icns format for OS X, and now .png format too.

Larger Previews:

In the download is also included the PSD template, the Adium icon, instructions on how to achieve the above effect, which is also visible in my recent screenshots, and links to useful resources.

Please feel free to request icons & apps I've forgotten.
Sorry, guys, but I barely visit dA at all now and I likely won't be answering any of your questions as a result. :\ Sorry.
However, I highly encourage you to ask questions over at MacThemes, where I still frequent (although, again, not as much as I used to).

Update@17th March: Shit, I never realised how similar these are to Kobhens. I feel like I have to give credit to them, so here's a link to Roberto Urso's Kobhens Dock: [link]

Update@19th May: Added two Bowtie bowlets into the download for Mac users. Unfortunately, it may not look right with your dock depending on what size you have your icons at, so you might have to go dig into the HTML and adjust the sizes. There's not much I can do about this, sorry.
Also, over at MacThemes, Sabretooth has posted up some nice coloured versions. Take a look here.


17th: 76 icons.
18th: 98 icons.
19th: Some more.
20th: 143 icons, with help from Aerodynamic. Also now includes PNGs.
23rd: Couple more, as well as Weatherdock icons.
24th: And a few more.
2nd: 181 icons.
11th: Extra couple dozen added from Dracofusco's contribution.
19th: Couple more icons (think we're up to 210 or something?) and Bowlets added. More on that above.
10th: Added some more and also a CoreServices folder which has some utilities for /System/Library/CoreServices. Details in the Readme. Courtesy of ~celticmagick.
March 2011
2nd: Not updated the pack, but someone made a pack of Gill Sans icons not included in this download… Take a look.
Dracofusco also made an expansion pack.
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Hi there!
Is there anyway to do this kind of thing in Sierra in these days?
Top right.

Man, I regret getting Mavericks...
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where do i download them???

everything is good but finder and trash icons dont seem to work, i got all the stuff updated and on lion osx
lasthunter914's avatar
So sexy! I love it! THanks
Hi nice job, it amazing!!! Can i have an icon for "textual irc" please? And i try to put it on Adium but when i run the app the elder icon is restored (i use Cady bar to transfer the icons)
--- Vive la France ^^ ----
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This a awesome!
Not sure if it's just me, but I can't find the Gill-Sans font anywhere .
yangzihaoa's avatar
it`s really cool to use!
wolf11747's avatar
Hi I really liked your work :D
I wanted to ask your permission to upload an icon package for linux, because it was done with your .psd
sorry if my vocabulary is not good, is because I am using a translator[link]
nice! can you do some for doc,home,music and movies folders??
any chance for Libre Office, Sophos Anti-Virus, and Carbon Copy Cloner?
I don't have photoshop, any chance for Carbon Copy Cloner, Sophos Anti-Virus and Libre Office?
madcat75's avatar
Well just tried them out, they're great except with apps that auto change icons such as adium, and steam. Oh well.
madcat75's avatar
What about any iCal or mail app?
jcs21's avatar
Really awesome set. Using them now. Thanks!!!
is someone willing to share "office messenger" so it will be complete the MS office package? Thanks..and great iconssss..
Great Icon Pack!!
shangraf-srh's avatar
Hello, can use these icons in any dock? Or have some in specific? Because I'm not able to put the background in objectdock.
Sorry if dumb question.
Thank you.
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