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Uninstall Desktop Apps

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Uninstall Desktop Apps
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I'd love to see windows like this!
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I would love to see this in Windows. It looks very easy-to-use, it isn't too "cluttered" like some others I have seen on the internet. Everything appears to be perfectly sized and placed, everything is easily readable/visible.

I hope the buttons at the top ("Updates installed" and "Windows Features") backcolor turns black on hover with the forecolor going white? Either way, it looks nice.
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Awesome design!
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A nice design Heart !
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wallpaper link?
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what fonts did u use? give me download links...
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the frustration is always higher
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Wish every other Win8 Desktop app was like that even the 3rd party ones, with an option to decrease the padding just like in Office15 (touch/mouse).
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Just how it should look! :)
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clean and simple concept! nice one.
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one thing to say about it : WOW!
great job!
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The only thing that attracted my on my deviant watch. Awesome work man! Keep up the good work!
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Thank you very much ! :D
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nice one, but idea from windows 8 .almost the same
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Why Microsoft doesn't metrofry the desktop as much as you have in this concept is beyond me, They should take inspiration from your work.
The only thing that I don't think looks right on the current explorer for Windows 8 and your concept is the title bar, if you look at [link] you can see the title bar is part of the UI as well as [link] With the first image you can also notice a picture/avatar in the right corner so it looks like it is integrated with windows live which is what they should do with explorer.
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Exactly what Microsoft should do! i love that desing :)
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Microsoft 'Offcie'. :D Whatever, i like it so much! :)
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Awesome work!
I love it!
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