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Windows 8 StartScreen
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These are very nice.  Thank you.  I will use them on a google map on a demo web site.
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I love it!
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i need Notepad icon png
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Well done! I like your icons. About four of your Office icons I'd love to use on a non-commercial site. Off course I will credit your work. The site is still under construction: [link]
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Also, there is a mistake in Monzter Neon in Windows Live Suite? It is a game, not one of the Windows live suite.
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This is so cool, but I found a few mistakes. first mistake is the Internet Explorer icon is Glowing. Next we can see the pixels in the SkyDrive, Hotmail and the PDF Reader Icons unlike the Office Suite icons. Hope you fix this soon! Otherwise, All icons are fair all good and alright and no problems in them. It is beautiful!
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The icons are up and you have been credited for the MS Office icons... hope you like 'em! :)
ntim007's avatar
Could u give the background plz?
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Two words... Bad Ass!!!
dAKirby309's avatar
I like your style for Office icons, if you don't mind, I would like to recreate them for my Metro icon set [link] and credit you for the original idea! :)
arcticpaco's avatar
of course !! I'd like the idea too!
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the Office Suite icons are PERFECT!!!!!!! great job!
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I adore what youve done with this one....look at the office icons. though it is simple, but it is very beautiful. GOOD JOB FRIEND...
dhaoracle's avatar
Why are you not working for Microsoft..???
arcticpaco's avatar
because I'm just a 17 years old guy xD
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F*ck, really really nice concept.
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I like the office icons :D Any chance for a release?
link6155's avatar
please! These icons are really nice :)
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They really are please release
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Very nice, I love the office icons :)
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