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Firefox (Metro Version) App UI

Firefox (Metro Version) App UI
Firefox (Metro Version) Starting... [link]
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 how to get this firefox ICON ?
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love it, long time chrome user, but if this is the case, I'd use Firefox!
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I really love this
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I really love this
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I really love this work!! Very nice buddy!! :)
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I really like the concept!

But I think I could enhance this a little more:

- with touchscreens, you wouldn't need anymore the back & forward buttons, you can remove them. You just swipe to the left or right on the screen to go back & forward.
- remove the X-on the tabs, a double click closes the tab
- I would also place the adress bar on top, this way you can slide the thumbnails of the webpages to the star-button and instantly make a favourite/bookmark (shorter distance to slide)
- mmm... an autohide function on the tabs would be awesome too, to free up more space on your screen
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I like the address bar at the bottom! I think it is too thick, but you've given me the idea to put it in the add ons bar and set it on autohide :) thanks
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Mozilla ought to take a look at this, this is amazing! It actually looks like Firefox. :D
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No problem at all. ;)
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Slick! What font did u use for "Start" ... Looks really good :-)
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Oh yeah right ;-) Thx buddy
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Looks really nice, but I think the logo should be not changed and the tabs / windows bar should be slimmer.
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This looks amazing, and I bet it would be nice to use too, which is a rare thing. Some designs out there look cool but in reality wouldn't be very practical.
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I like it. :)

Although, I'm not sure about having the url bar on the bottom. I don't like it in IE Metro either. I know it's different and somewhat "classy" but is it practical?

Maybe you can explain. :)
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The most used part of the interface is closer to the user.
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