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File Explorer

I hope File Explorer in Windows 8.1 RTM looks like this.
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can i get the wallpaper you used there?
kgbstyle Hey, I am a programmer finding a new File Explorer and I loved your design work-of-art! Could we work together to make this become a reality? Please, mail me, i'll be waiting for you!
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You and me both!
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I created a Uservoice suggestion for Microsoft to implement this Modern UI file explorer in Windows 10, which you can all vote on here:…
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I saw your post there and it led me here.
You posted some awesome explorer ideas which I think could work really well on touch.
I made a concept of continuum as I hope MS doesn't abandon the good touch features of Windows 8.
Check it out on my page. Here's a GIF of my idea though:
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Beautiful!! This would be awesome if it really looks like this! =D
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how can I get icon of this skin. can you plz share this icon link !
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This is lovely! Microsoft really should have hired you to take care of the GUI :D
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Nice work. I like the idea of bottom bar with the tabs.
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but instead of doing this test because it does not create and is trying to do it all of us? : P
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What a shame they didn't put this in 8.1
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awesome work...can u please share wallpaper  thx
why not create?? :D (Big Grin) 
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if you don't mind me asking, what do some of the buttons do? Like the ones in the very bottom right or the ones that seem to be bookmarks at the bottom? I'd be interested in making such a program if I knew a bit more about the concept.
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send this to Microsoft ... ;) (Wink) 
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wow. impressive, cool. really microsoft should do something like this to basic parts like windows explorer instead of the lame half-ass 'unified interface' we are seeing now
Y U NO... Make this reality? :/
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