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p0isonParadise's avatar
I love the Windows 8/8.1 colors but they're too violents.. Your concept is softer than Windows 8 theme . I like, I love :)
Orphydian's avatar
where do I get the system icons ?
GoogyNoober's avatar
Yeah, your concepts are much better than Microsoft's crap. =) IE 10 has the ugliest "backward" button ever.
Christian-Bratty's avatar
You know... Microsoft should hire you. Awesome work!
tavi004's avatar
It's an ok design. But I just have to tell you that not a single icon is aligned with the text bellow it. The icons are not aligned vertically and the separator lines are not aligned either. The search bar and the location bar are not aligned, etc. All most everything on the design is placed by eye. That's a very important aspect of the design that you don't work will show that you are not a professional designer. Photoshop has tools to align layers and I thing you should start using them. I recommend you to check out this post that explains how it works, is very simple and it will improve your designs drastically. [link]

I hope I helped you.
revengex360's avatar
Now let me download this NOW ((find someone to make the code required for this plz plz plz))
maxxdogg's avatar
can U port it to the vs with all stuff i mean icons, ribbon and so on?:D
learning-to's avatar
Ojalá alguien se anime a concretar este proyecto !
imdhaval's avatar
imdhaval's avatar
Plz share this with us.....
smok424's avatar
Can someone give a link to the style :)
Snowince's avatar
Wich wallpaper pack is that, may I ask? Awesome concept by the way.
procitysam's avatar
This MUST be made into a real thing!!
AlexandreDecaris's avatar
Why the developers of Windows 8 from Microsoft not visit the DeviantART to see interfaces as fantastic as yours? What's wrong with Microsoft?
beq24's avatar
Imageres iconos....
GrantFitz's avatar
Perfect, just simply, metr-, i mean Modern.
phantommenace2020's avatar
perfect file explorer!!!!!! i like it
DaddY-M's avatar
Amazing work!
MAkhdar's avatar
Amazing!! :) If only this was Windows RTM :(
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