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A quick doodle of Priscilla by Arctic-Master A quick doodle of Priscilla :iconarctic-master:Arctic-Master 0 0


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Haha, an awesome picture here. Ah, the good ol' Nintendo, how I've missed the days aimlessly playing Super Mario World (and then gettin...

Interesting concept here. I like how the ice crystals are emitting from the Dragon's being. The design on the dragon is also kinda cool...

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Moving off the last journal because... Why not?

Go figure my drive wouldn't last as long as I thought... .-.; Well, if I'm frank, I'm kinda gnawing at the wells trying to come up with ideas of what to work on. I started to think about opening requests but if anyone's known me for any length of time, me and requests... ._.; We don't have a good track record, let's just say. I'd get like one or three done and then just FFFFFFFFFFFFFBBBBT.

Most of my energy has been trying to will myself back into writing again. Before my, err... "Forced" break, I had to put things on hiatus so I could read two books to kind of help stimulate more of the world in my Pokémon story (Yes, I'm still working on that blasted thing). It was mostly for world-building ideas toward Team Galactic and how powerful they've become when you let them plan for 5 years after their first gigantic blunder. Let's just say... I come up with some horrible, horrible ideas...

Well, truth is, the ideas to what books I was reading... most of them were in me trying to think of a way to sort of come up with a better ending toward those types of stories. I won't spoil which stories they are, but the musings in question have some pretty messed up endings (I'll leave that spoilage for the Beta Readers when I start to hire them. Yes, HIRE them- This bullshit is long and I don't want people doing this for free). I'd say given what the content was about, there was no "Win" state in these stories, they were really meant to have bad endings- and when I finished reading it, I started to wonder if my own version of this story could at least if not achieve that "good" ending, at least find some way to break even (especially since they exist on different planes, the rules are different and it hasn't gotten to that point of no return yet like it was portrayed in said stories). It's been something to think about, if I'm honest- but it's also been somewhat of a philosophical sort of trip with me trying to answer certain questions I've had about things as well...

... which is weird, because I really didn't plan this story to really BE particular deep. It was like, the more I started writing, the more stuff I started to think about and the more fucked out I started to consider things were than I initially wrote them. o-o; Up until now, the story's been sort of writing itself, except here where I feel I've hit a bit of a hole that I'm trying to unfuck myself out of in it's beta stage.

Though recently, I've kinda had a bit of a thought to actually delve into that shit side of me I've been jabbing at every now and again. Kinda woke up to a thought to continue a little comic I've had worked on a while back that involved some REALLY thorough bondage scenes, but I kept breaking things down into different universes and piled on more work. @_@ Not to mention my actual work pretty much eats up my free time. Not to also mention that... >>; Err, yeah... "complications" that involve looking up references for these poses/positions that make it hard to- *Rain snickers* Shut up.

Rain: :3 I'm totally on board with the bondage comic!

~You would say that. >>; Though honestly, I'm surprised you're still on board with it, considering who's involved tying you gals up.

Rain: Non-canon, A.M., anything goes. ;3

~Anywho, just wanted to jot down some ideas to get the juices flowing- *Rain bursts out into laughter* Seriously, how did you take that as an innuendo?! ono;

Rain: XD It's fine, it's fine. Go on. I-I'll be quiet. *stiffens snickering* X3

~That's it. ._.; That was the end. *Awkward Ollie out*



  1. -Requests (Maybe? Probably? no clue when that'll happen)
  2. Writing moar Pokémon. May look into proper hiring of Beta Readers.
  3. Bondage Comic (tbd)


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
You may call me the Lord of the Uttercold... or just Arctic-Master. My friends call me A.M. I'm just your friendly, neighborhood weirdo. Nothing more to see here.

(Apologies in advance for any fav spamming I may do on your page. Chances are, I just discovered your artwork through "Featured Collections" or worse "More from DevianArt." I'm not a bot. D: And again, sorry in advance.)

-Draws, writes, RPs, D&Ds, and has an interests in a list of other crap that you probably won't read.

-Am new to Digital art. Fear my crappy skills! D:

-Currently Skeptical of a higher power. Formerly biblical religious.

-Overall friendly, 90% less ranty, 10% more ready to kick some ass.

Interests: Pokémon, TF2, DBZ, Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, World of Darkness (nWOD)... errr, women's Kimonos... ummm... bondage? o_o;

Key things about me:
-I repost ONLY with one's permission or after purchase of one's work. If seen anywhere aside from designated sites under someone else's name aside from the commissioner, it's stolen.

-For the most part, I'm no longer going to return watches. Watching too many people and have recently had to bin a few watchers to whom I asked "Why am I watching this person?!" ono; The only exception is if I regularly communicate with that person outside of art.

-My artwork is for the eyes of members of dA only. While I do have a Tumblr, I BARELY post anything on it. :/ Sorry about that...

-I [try to] remember birthdays~ :iconderpfaceplz:

-I check visitors. O.o; ... Most of the time...

Welp, that's all there is to know about me. Hope the rest is told through my efforts. But regardless, thanks for visiting, thanks for enjoying my arts and others and you're all awesome! :D


A quick doodle of Priscilla
Gasp, another drawing right before Summer's End and the Autumnal Equinox begins... Or in Layman, Summer's almost over and Autumns- never mind. @_@

Here's a character I've... only drawn once before, if I'm honest. Her name is Priscilla Florence- my struggling little artist with an affinity for rodents and can be a bit of a crybaby... Okay, I lied, a BIG crybaby. ;u; Then again, she's had a VERY tough life, so in her case, yeah, let it out, girl. She does have some magical prowess, though her focus is on Summoning/Conjuration magic. She usually keeps a wand in her binder which she uses to draw.

This is the part where I usually delve into her character more thoroughly, but... honestly, I shouldn't. It's not that I she doesn't have any (Good lord, I could go down a laundry list), but it's more interesting to show, not to tell. Maybe that'll "incentivise" me to actually draw more, rather than dolling out the characters' personality like cheap whisky.

I know I haven't been drawing a lot in any sort of medium (then again, when have I? @_@), Work has been whipping me sideways and any extra time spent is with my girlfriend. And the latter is a GREAT deal more pleasant than the former (but the former allows me to do things with the latter. ;3 ) Though I should probably draw more, given that my finances are currently eating my upholstery and I might have to take into consideration Commission work. And that's going to mean less BSing on the Xbox. ;u; fml man, gotta do what I gotta do, eh?

Any critique is welcome and I'll try to grasp as charitable as I can. I tried to clean up as much as possible, so if there's any errors, I've probably overlooked them... or spotted them about a few days later. ;u;

Fun fact: I originally made Priscilla larger than she is now, but I trimmed it down for the final cut (but not by much). Part of it was because the weigh I originally gave her seemed to mess up my proportions, but the other part was that during the time between when I first drew Priscilla and now, I made an even BIGGER character who makes Priscilla look like a baby blow-fish. ;u; So good on you, Priscilla, you're healthier than that whale of a bitch I might draw later.

-Addition, I had to reference the big rat she has as a Rat Eidolon (yes, that's an Eidolon. Wasn't sure how to make it seem supernatural in pencil form).

Priscilla belongs to :iconarctic-master:


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