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Szilard 'Selemon' Jenkins by ARCProgram004 Szilard 'Selemon' Jenkins :iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 0 0
The Hand and the Snake Pt. II
The snake awoke the next day to find the flower still in his hand. Its brightness still radiated in its petals, but overall it did not gleam as brightly than it did the night before. The snake grew worried, sponging in all the possibilities, all the faults he must have done-what did he do that was so terribly wrong? What was it that he had not done properly in order to kill the flower of the woman he wanted? Frantically, the snake ran from his dark space and out into the light. The pain in his body intensified, his joints flaring and forcing him to stumble. But he let this feeling continue, and soon it grew too numb for him to feel. It was worth it-the highest priority was to find space for the flower to blossom back to life.
Setting the water lily into the water, the snake waited, transfixing his eyes towards its center as he waited patiently for it to glow as it once had the night before.
Minutes went by.
The light in the center actually began to fade even more. Soon the flower's glo
:iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 0 0
The Hand and the Snake Pt. I
"'The years shall run like rabbits
   For in my arms I hold
The Flower of the Ages,
   And the first love of the world.'"
-W.H. Auden, As I Walked Out One Evening
In the beginning there was the creator. She was the almighty, a god with the body of a human and a hand for a head. One day she had descended from the High Plain of the gods to observe the forest creatures below. She stumbled upon a creek bed, sensing traces of blood as she ran her hand through the water. Down in the marshy source of the river, the body of a dismantled snake laid steady, streaming crimson and barely breathing. The creator, feeling sorry for the creature, touched the skin of the dirty, blackened snake, and fell in love. To see the snake in such condition made her feel ill and she wanted to save the snake despite swearing not to mettle in the affairs of earthly creatures. Yet she did the most forbidden act of all, and prevented the snake from dying.
The snake said he was gra
:iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 0 0
Rant At Least
Converse with me
Converse to traverse
Traverse across the plain
Traverse across the prairie
Prairie of peat
Prairie of wheat
Wheat the appetite
Wheat blown to wind
Wind the toy
Wind to call
Call me out
Call through the gap
Gap of echoes
Gap of sighs
Sighs left to and by
Sighs dipped, dripped, and fried
Fried wires
Fried brains on a pan
Pan through the message
Pan through the gold
Gold worthed
Gold dented
Dented not with conversations
Dented with excruciations
Excruciations of awkwardness
Excruciations of seeing her
Her with hair
Her in sweats
Sweats that make me sweat
Sweats that make me bet
Bet what little
Bet what lungs
Lungs still left
Lungs I want
Want to tell you
Want to read
Read to you
Read my plead
Plead for the trial
Plead my case
Case you hadn't opened
Case you didn't hear
Hear because of mufflers
Hear because of words
Words brimming from my throat
Words filling my pipes with fluid
Fluid that's left your throat
Fluid that's left your body
:iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 0 0
O-325: The Supoorting Cast I
• KATE—THE LAIDBACK GIRL/ THE FRIEND/ SABERIST #1: A friend to Spencer, she is one of his greatest allies. Along with Alex, she is responsible for protecting Spencer from Meagan by concocting secret plans that usually involve the stunts that only the Bond movies can show—that is, so long as she does not utilize #3 in OP-325.  A major in the visual arts department at her school and a rookie saberist at her fencing club, she loves a variety of music that ranges from alternative to hard rock, and will wear a variety of flats.
• ALEX—THE ARTIST/ THE FRIEND/ THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Another friend to Spencer, she considers herself an alpha wolf or the “crazy, over-protective psycho friend". If you doubt her…well, be prepared to lose an arm (or a leg, or a nose, or your school lunch…) However, stay on her good side,  and she is probably one the best people you could have as a friend. You never see her without her camera or her sketchbook,
:iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 0 4
O-325: The Main Characters
• SPENCER--THE PROTAGONIST/ THE MUSICIAN/ THE STALKED: A farm boy from Bagdad, KY.—no, he does not live the Iraq— he is the hero of the tale, but nonetheless, the victim. Being stalked and caught in the grasp of Meagan has made him appear annoyed, agitated, and unapproachable with his silent and cruel demeanor. However, in truth, he is simply a great, well-rounded guy, and also a considerable ladies’ man. He sports a beanie, a London jacket, and—on occasion—his soccer ball or his murse (man purse).
• MEAGAN--THE ANTAGONIST/ THE STALKER: A girl whose rumored to be secretly rich, she has traded her heart and soul for eyes blinded by an obsessive interest in anything that is alive and starts with the letter “S”—which in this case, would be Spencer. She has put great effort into stalking and capturing him many-a-times, most people having no effect on breaking her boy-crazy, hormone-driven curse. Most people don’t really care too much f
:iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 0 4
Love Is... by ARCProgram004 Love Is... :iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 17 18
Mature content
XHeart Part 1: Chapter 10 :iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 1 0
Adidas Contest Entry Deux by ARCProgram004 Adidas Contest Entry Deux :iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 8 3 Adidas Contest Entry by ARCProgram004 Adidas Contest Entry :iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 10 3
Mature content
XHeart-Part 1-Chapter 10 WIP :iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 0 1
Character Bio: Thane H.
-Name: Thane H.
-Age: 23
-Ethnicity: Russian/ English
-Hair Color: Chestnut
-Eye Color: Green/Hazel (sometimes one eye is hazel, and the other is green, but this is rare)...
-Clothing (First outfit seen in): Red vest, with plain white shirt underneath (sleeves are rolled), black gloves, black ascot, silver locket, dark brown slacks, and no shoes (only wears shoes in public, but even then he likes them off). Cannot stand to wear suits, but loves ties, ascots, and turtlenecks.
-Favorite Genres (Novels): Classical Greek, Romanticism, Victorian (duh…), and Modern
-Favorite Food/ Drink: He’s a bottom-feeder (he’ll eat anything)! / Coffee and Milk
-Hobbies: Reading, Playing the piano, Relaxing, Sleeping
-Occupation: Freelance musician/ Pre-Med
-What He Has On Him: a shilling or two (he isn't allowed to carry most of his money), a vial or two, and his own set of scalpels plus a secret set of b**** k***** that he keeps in the back of his pants.
-Personality: Sympathetic towards
:iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 1 0
Character Bio: Dante H.
-Name: Dante H.
-Age: 30
-Ethnicity: English
-Hair Color: Dirty Blond
-Eye Color: Rusty Hazel/ Grey
-Clothing (First outfit seen in): Black suit neatly trimmed, dark blue vest with black cravat, pocket watch, gray gloves, regular shoes
-Occupation: Head Butler/ Marksman/ Gardener
-Favorite Species (Flowers): Hyacinth, Lime, Lavender, Buckwheat
-Favorite Food/ Drink: No particular favorite/ earl-grey tea
-Hobbies: Researching flower types, Testing weapons, Gardening, Serving the household
-First Words: “He’s fine….”
-Personality: A rather stolid fellow to too many people, Dante has replaced his social life with his nostalgic business life of taking care of his master—despite the master’s assurance that there is no real use of his protection. When no one is looking—and when he knows his master is safe—he tends to be an observer of sorts, wondering about, checking the local fare and be in touch with the latest news. His particular interest is garden
:iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 1 0
Childhood Loves by ARCProgram004 Childhood Loves :iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 4 3
Mature content
Come Here :iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 2 14
The Glass Prison-WIP
How cruel it is to be locked in such a grueling, cooling ice box.
There is no door, but I feel that there must be some sort of scheme to such a place, where even these that were laid before me were taken, so that I may learn to feel their missing throats, nerving hairs, tearing skin, creased palms….
There’s a handle, but no lines, no cut-outs, no cracks in the walls. Glass has become one, and now even I am fragile from my position, horrorstruck by how my legs are still, my calves cannibalizing themselves to for nourishment to where I can hug them no more. For some, they think that being sheltered in such a box would condemn them to silence. Let me assure you, to those terrified few that in here there is no silence. Only the low hums—the circulation—and high pitches—my nervous thoughts.
Now, down, I feel my bones won’t respond. Wrong; they are touching the sides of the box. I’ve lost my covering now, but at least the adrenaline pumps through.
:iconarcprogram004:ARCProgram004 1 0


TQ_Rescue Me by Ecthelian TQ_Rescue Me :iconecthelian:Ecthelian 903 38 batman commission by strongstuff batman commission :iconstrongstuff:strongstuff 508 19 Nightmare by imaginism Nightmare :iconimaginism:imaginism 8,679 455 Batman by javierGpacheco Batman :iconjaviergpacheco:javierGpacheco 1,640 257 batman by francis001 batman :iconfrancis001:francis001 6,814 851 ds: chapter 6 cover by hchan ds: chapter 6 cover :iconhchan:hchan 181 44 LA ODIAN, LA AMAN by AtixVector LA ODIAN, LA AMAN :iconatixvector:AtixVector 246 33 Some Sugar For Your Tea? by Qinni Some Sugar For Your Tea? :iconqinni:Qinni 8,871 567 family by illbewaiting family :iconillbewaiting:illbewaiting 1,532 0 Nothing between us but the Sky by kitten-chan Nothing between us but the Sky :iconkitten-chan:kitten-chan 2,367 111 Flesh n Blood n Fish n Fowl by sorceressmyr Flesh n Blood n Fish n Fowl :iconsorceressmyr:sorceressmyr 114 9 MONKEY GIRL and DRAGON DUDE by Balak01
Mature content
MONKEY GIRL and DRAGON DUDE :iconbalak01:Balak01 994 180
Process: Nova by shirotsuki Process: Nova :iconshirotsuki:shirotsuki 3,354 200 Boot Hill Artbook Order by deerlordhunter Boot Hill Artbook Order :icondeerlordhunter:deerlordhunter 593 29 FEMME FATALE 2 - by DanLuVisiArt FEMME FATALE 2 - :icondanluvisiart:DanLuVisiArt 2,486 169




Rachel "Awesome" Doda
Artist | Student
United States
Current Residence: In ThE tEa GaRdEn In YoUr MiNd!!!
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small :)
Favourite genre of music: Alternative
Favourite style of art: animation, traditional, photoshop-esque
Operating System: Fleshe?
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: Fleshe?
Wallpaper of choice: Eugene Delacroiux (sp.) "Liberty Leading the People"
Skin of choice: My skin, thank you very much!
Favourite cartoon character: Bambi, Zuko, Ginko, and my own, of course.
Personal Quote: "First come, first, I mean...."
  • Listening to: Sons of Admirals- Here Comes My Baby
  • Reading: Brave New World- Aldous Huxley
  • Watching: This screen
  • Playing: With The Text On This Screen
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing at moment.

A few months ago, I opened a new account. It's much more professional and features a lot of art that I do for school/not for school. One piece on the new account is ten times better than the any of the stuff on this account. I recommend you start watching me on that account.

Here's the link~> :iconramidoda:

I hope people have stuck around with me long enough that they would be willing to stick around with me for a little longer. :)


Nostalgia by nighty Nostalgia :iconnighty:nighty 7,391 993 Holding back the flood by arcipello Holding back the flood :iconarcipello:arcipello 9,223 858 Subemergence by arcipello Subemergence :iconarcipello:arcipello 13,231 1,608 mezza morta by jisuk mezza morta :iconjisuk:jisuk 6,521 694 Her Silent Silhouette by arcipello Her Silent Silhouette :iconarcipello:arcipello 38,806 4,150 6AM Prague by kevissimo 6AM Prague :iconkevissimo:kevissimo 486 103 melty by gimei melty :icongimei:gimei 2,533 195 The wandering hunters by Floriandra The wandering hunters :iconfloriandra:Floriandra 763 108


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