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Rise of Chtulhu



This is from late 2009, my first big piece completely digitally painted with the Wacom Pen. I actually made it a little too big. Most of the details are lost now, but it was great fun.

Who knows why we all love Cthulhu so much, but we do, don't we? Is it the name? The giant squid face? The fact that he's not in some other dimension but sleeping at the bottom of the ocean, and could rise among us any second??

Personally, I think it's the squidface...

(What's his competition? Yog-Sothoth? "a conglomeration of glowing bubbles"? Don't think so!)

PS:Two people actually told me they had this piece tattooed on their bodies, which I consider quite a compliment! ;)
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Hi ArcosArt,

can this image be used and altered in brightness under creative common for the flyer of a small local gig of a metal band in Cologne ? Looks sick! ( ) Would appreciate any reply from you, also if you refuse us to do so :-)