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FoE: What I Do Best
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Published: December 10, 2011
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This one was hard to draw, not only because it was spread over four different Photoshop files I had to splice together, but because I had to pause now and again in order to stop giggling. :D

This is one of the funniest -- if not the funniest -- moments from Chapter 44 of Fallout: Equestria.

Fallout Equestria created by Kkat --> [link]

MLP:FiM created and Copyright © :iconfyre-flye: and Hasbro
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If I was Pip I would have said something along the lines of Being Awesome and Kicking Ass hmmm probably both
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I would add something about " Staing Alive "
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Fnaf-Reacts-KassieHobbyist General Artist
I got to chapter 20-30 somthing and just gave up on reading.
I'm too fucking lazy.
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KayclauHobbyist General Artist
I just reached this part of the story and I couldn't help but come back to this image. This was one of the first FoE related content I ever saw when I started to read it 9 month ago (yeah, it's taking me a little longer that I wanted). Nice work here, I've always liked this image in particular.
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PoetBronyProfessional Writer
(correct me if I'm wrong. only about halfway through original fanfic) Ditzy Doo = laughter, Calamity = loyalty, Littlepip = kindness, Homage = honesty, ? = magic, Velvet = generosity
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PrinceUniversaStudent Writer
You're about right for the most part, I can't say the answer for Littlepip because I'll be spoiling the final chapters but that's partly right... For Velvet, she's not generosity leaving either Kindness or Magic, the reason why I say she could be either one of those? I can't say because spoilers
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PoetBronyProfessional Writer
Lol. Finished the fanfic almost a week ago. I was not too far off in my thinking. At the time, I was already thinking that Littlepip was the element of magic (because of telekinetic feats). Thanks for replying anyway. :)
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PrinceUniversaStudent Writer
No probs :)
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PrinceUniversaStudent Writer
And to add more to Littlepip's embarrassing situation, more comments from six of my OCs! (Technically one belongs to a friend but I digress, also I just started on my take of Fallout: Equestria to have fun at it not to be famous which is almost never :) Here my OCs know Littlepip since they met her around in the original timeline, around chapter 17 or so) In order:

*After Littlepip leaves for a sec only to meet up with more embarrassing comments courtesy of us*

Zodiac (Pegasus): Get yourself in embarrassing situations?

Harmony (Unicorn): Get extremely lucky?

Epsilon (Earth Pony): Charge into the enemy?

Noir (Changeling): Give out good intimacy love?

Xenon (Kirin or Dracony): Say colorful vulgar lines?

Template (Earth Pony): Get kinky?

*Littlepip's goes completely red*: Why does everybody do this to me!?

*All of us laugh*
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CyberneticsDuckHobbyist Traditional Artist
Fallout equestria: made me laugh alot with this scene and not too long later cry like a man. A manly man happy cry XD 1 Pants Man Dance GIF 
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Everybody gets the perfect freakin' line in this. 

Though Velvet's comment is still my favorite, even beating out Homage. 
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This is my favourite part of the whole story. :dignity-laugh: 
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just yes. this is defiantly the most hilarious part of the story.
another funny part is when reggie wants to call a zebra crossbow THE FART.(just think about it......sound is a hint)
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The funniest scene leading up to the saddest
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This is one of my favorite comedic moments in the story. Littlepip is adorable. Great job!
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Clearly, Homage’s cutie mark should be Littlepip.  Obviously, that’s what she’s best at doing.

I think it was in the same chapter?

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tank2259Student Traditional Artist
XD i never heard that suggestion and im going with thisMeow :3 
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TahuBlade7Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Squeak and blush" does sum LittlePip up quite nicely.

Love the variety of expressions, especially Velvet's and Gawd's. Quite a nice touch there.
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DonarionStudent Digital Artist
One of the funniest moments in the story. I loved it =D

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It's popular because it's one of the first linked pictures on the Fallout: Equestria page on Equestria Daily. :D The more you know!
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I know this is an older work, but I came here from an FoE-wiki page while looking for a reference of a spritebot for someone as we listened to the FoE audiobook.

Good rendition, and expressions; me gusta.
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This is the funniest moment in the entire story.
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Lol )) Good work ))
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bobtehnoob-1337Hobbyist General Artist
Don't all funny moments happen when Littlepip is embarrased?


Hot for Mother?

Letters from Homage?
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