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what once was

So recently UK band Fightstar released their latest album "Behind the Devil's back" which featured my artwork "Scorched Earth" as the front cover. we wanted to run with the theme of light and dark and so i created a version where the tree had perished and the lava had streched out further. it created a nice effect when you flip the CD case over and see the image change from life to death. 

original Scorched earth by arcipello

hope you like it :)
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Powerful scene!

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Wow! The two images together: so symbolic and amazing! What a gift you have!

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I love this other version of Scorched Earth!

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gorgeous, love the concept of the album art
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This is really very talented work using essentially black with the most wonderful contrast..Well done
I bought the digital version of Behind the Devil's Back so I was never able to see this darker side. It is just as amazing! I have noticed that some Chinese manufacturers are using the "light" image on some product on wish. Is this legit use? And if so, how much do you charge to use your images. I would be very interested using this image or a similar one for my website background.
Aaron (Cajun Gamer)
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I love the contrast between the two versions
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Wow !! Very Tolkien :D 
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That looks prettier than the original, nice!
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What the flip!! This is wicked... but why?! Why?! Please, deliver larger resolution.
I bought a print of the original Scorched Earth and would love to be able to buy this one as a print too.
Would it be possible to make it available as a print version like the first one?
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I'm using Scorched Earth as desktop background, is it possible to have this one in desktop version please ? :'(
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I like this one better. Quite good, the steam and the tree are of exceptional!
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Very gloomy...very good! :)
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I like this one even better than the light one, awesome work!
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poor tree.

I only wish these were in 1080 :D
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creepy but fascinating =), I wonder how many time did you take to do this...
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this looks like something straight out of my head.
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both of beatifull.
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