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snow structure

Well i finally got my brand spanking new PC, although the monitor still hasnt arrived so ive had to make do with a 40" HD sony sure ill manage:P

After installing Painter i decided to give it a quick go...for about an hour, time flys afterall.

Anyway im really not sure what the building is supposed to be i simply threw a hold load of shapes together, if i decide to finish this off ill redesign the structure to something more interesting:D

hopefully this sketch lets you see how i start things out:)
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beautiful, great harmony, and balance
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I'm so making this in Minecraft!
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AAAAWWW I'M WEARY OF VIEW BY EVERYWHERE MAGNIFICENT or even divine PAINTWORKS BASED BY SCRIBBLES!!! :nuu: aaaaw you get it seems so easy... :stupidme:
How can you guys do so much in 30 minutes :'(
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this could be more into detail, looks very impressive
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Simply amaizing =D
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Do you use those brushes which change colour depending on the pressure?
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this is so beautiful and inspiring :)
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"so ive had to make do with a 40" HD sony Bravia"

Holly Sh** Fu**!!!
aoedeqinyuepapillon's avatar
it reminds me of changing seasons
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Amazing artwork.
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Wow, you have very beautiful work. Even a quick sketch looks pretty nice. I really like all your shadows and lighting. This makes me think of some old church or temple or something, you know? Or maybe some old hermit in the mountains had a lot of time on his hands. XD
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I love it, its incredibly beautiful :deviation:. Nice job man keep the good work. :thumbsup:
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Looks like some kind of factory to me. Y'know what else it looks like to me? It looks like awesomeness.
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i very much wish you would do something with this... it's quite a beautiful scene.. i'm personally trying to imagine what the details could look like.. i hope you will return to this piece eventually. ^.^
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You should do more on this one. I love it. The colors are great. It saddens me to see the "more finished" look as the thumbnail, and then sketchy at fullview. :P
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Wow, that is beautiful. Man, an hour? That makes us sot-so-good people want to give up :(

The structure looks grate as it is, it looks like a mill. Or a farm house place from a long time ago. Keep it like that if you ever decided to finish it.
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your instincts with light are very impressive
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Beautifully amazing!
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omg your work is amazing. i know you probably hear that all the time, but maybe theres a reason for that.
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awesome skyline
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This was 3 months ago. Time to get back to work, son.
Come on. Chop, chop.


Seriously, I hope you're doing well.
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