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Been painting jellyfish lately and having a lot of fun doing it:D you can pretty much make anything up with these guys and they always look cool!

more jelly to come soon...
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Beautiful. I love the unusual angle it has been painted at. 
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Lets start a song chain :D


SpongeBob (Spread the love) [V1] Spongebob (Imagination) Spongebob Nope Icon spongebob rape face SpongeBob (Sexy Love) SpongeBob (Hahaha) SpongeBob (Santa) 
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This is impossible :O I'm speechless...
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wow! amazing job!
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That's good perspective. Maybe I should give jellyfish painting a try too. 
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jelly fish are cool.
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You should check out this links: [link]

Some guy was selling your picture on his web site :(
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I thought this was a photograph! Great job!
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gorgeous.<3 you deserve way more favorites.
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I thought it was a photograph O.o
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Jellyfishies are one of my favourite creatures so I've been looking through all the pictures I can find on DA of them and this is definitely one of the best, beautiful work! :clap:
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YOWZA. This is very very very awesome.
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you have been featured [link]
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awesome, another thing I can't possibly try to draw, without making it look atrocious, added to the book...

thx bro, thx a lot..

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I was going to say nice drawing to be sarcastic. Since I thought it was a photo.

...nice drawing.
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Reminds me of an angry Metroid.
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This is wonderful. I love the angle and the colors and the... i could go on forever but i will just sit back and enjoy it :)
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That looks really good:D
Nice angle^^
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This is so freaking amazing! I love semi-surrealism.
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That's gorgeous!
I thought the image was real at first :D
adstantes's avatar
Have you tried morphing a jellyfish with an octopus?
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