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Waterfall Doorway

Just some random environment study i did a while ago, wanted to get the misty water effect photographers achieve by setting the exposure time to a few seconds, i think it worked:)
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Is this a real place?
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I hope to learn draw and paint like that. Awesome work!
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you know something, I can actually feel the mist of the waterfall on face when I look at this and picture myself there. Well done, brilliant work.
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I saw your illustrations on Drawcrowd.

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wow, What can i say. amazing just like a dream, near the water fall
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But where does the door lead? I want to investigate!
Wow! What a magical place :) I love it 
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Amazing! :D I wish I was clever like you in this kind of works! (Sorry for my english, I don't know if it is grammatically correct...)
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Nice work, reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus.
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one word - epic. i wish it was real so i could travel there and then go inside and explore.. *.*
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I love the feeling this Piece Gives, So much peace, and mystery The natural green and and soft water, the tinge of purple that brings out the little specks of turquoise, The angel welcoming me into this world. I love it.
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Oh wow! This is really amazing *-*
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Straight to favourites xD
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un mot: MAGNIFIQUE!!! tu as vraiment beaucoup de talent![link]
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I do digital art myself, but alot of animation. I would love to animate this for you for FREE, with credit to your name, and a link to this picture. Come check my animation out, and also I have a folder that I animate for others you can check out on the left side.
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I want to go there.
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