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The Frozen Pass

As winter turns to spring the entrance opens up once you dare enter?  :P

hope you guys like it

check out this GIF to see how i created it and notice how it started out VERY differently
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Lovely work Daniel, beautifully lit, great detail and colour.
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I would only be afraid to enter due to fear of melting ice chunks falling on me or larger scale collapse.

...Which is only a concern because you did this illustration so well that I can feel the melting happening just by looking. The texture is present without being overbearing, the color balance is good, you nailed the contrast, great work all around!
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Wow! Looks gorgeous! :wow:
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now i know why its called "mother" earth
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oww my so beatufull :) 
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Wonderful lights and textures !
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Omg this is absolutely stunning. The lighting is so gorgeous. I love it!
There I was, browsing your art, thinking of HP Lovecraft's At the mountains of madness... and here is THIS BEAUTY.
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Your landscapes are just SO dreamy!!
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Sooooooooo good. Cool gif too :)
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Very nice piece!
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incredible paint work
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I'm reminded of the mountaineering section from Uncharted 2. :D
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Ice demon in there, I know it!! :P

Wonderful work.
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Congratulations Daniel, this is one of my fav pics of yours :clap:
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The colour palette for this is amazing! Great job.
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How EPIC and Gorgeous!!! Think I would just be sitting and staring before even wandering cool :love:
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Just amazing!
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