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The Bionic commando

I put this together a while ago for the Capcom game im currently working on at GRIN studios "Bionic Commando" a remake of the classic NES game from the 80's. Anyway this was meant for magazine covers and posters etc and since ive seen it in about 10 or more publications i figured i could post it here for everyone else.... pluss my gallery needed an update:P

oh and another game i worked on a little bit with regards to lighting is out next week.... here is the trailer [link]
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weapon arm perfect !
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This art (which l guess is the concept art) is better than the actual game, you are probably the reason to why l bought this game, your stuff is just that good.
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He is back
Hell yeah!
Villainous-MC's avatar
That arm
i've loved that arm for years now
i hope BC can come back one day
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Very nice image, great work!
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I have always loved this piece - well done!
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Just started playing its not bad kida weird controls and definatly difficult but alot of fun
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Outstanding art!
I really liked this game's art direction~
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can u plz tell me what tablet are u using =)
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I really really dig your work, great to see some awesome talent, your art motivates me to reach the ceiling of not the sky but the universe.
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i wish the game was deserve that piece.
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Man thats outstanding, great concept and the mechanical arm design is so badass! =D
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SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Did you make this look for Spencer? o: I like it if so! :D
Balron's avatar
That game deserves another series run...just look at the gameboy remakes >:C
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nate spencer like this.
Zanvex's avatar
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Spencer is a real hard-ass =D
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I really liked this remake of the Capcom classic. Your poster is very impressive. Thanks for sharing it with us!
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can i gat this picture in my work ?
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