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Softly sleeping

Well i started this one earlier this year but what with moving to a new job and country ive had little time to commit to my personal stuff, so its nice that its finally done:D

Jellyfish are really cool creatures to paint, so organic and alien-like.

Anyway heres to a new year and hopefully more new work:D

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Simply amazing. Great work
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Waaaaaw this is really stunning!! 
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Its interesting that you use the symbolism of jellyfish here.  An abundance of these creatures in the ocean means that the water is dying.
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amazing. really love it. good job.
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peaceful and cozy
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you know you can actually swim with jellyfishes :) beautiful piece, btw
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wow the hair and the way the light catches it...ur really good Llama-Emoji-02 (Blush) 
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This is looks so real... It is wonderful! Her hair and the jellyfish... awwww I love it!
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This is stunning! I love how flow-y the jellyfish are and her hair is beautiful, the lighting is amazing and this whole piece is just spectacular!
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Featured your amazing work here:… :)
Believe it or not, but this picture is the entire reason why I started using Photoshop and why I became fascinated with digital painting. You have done an amazing job with it. :)
I had tried everything this was my opportunity knocking at the door ive finally reached the top youll see what I mean
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Oh lord! Her hair! The skin! Her expression! Its amazing! Good great amazing wonderful job!
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You did the Painter 11 cover! oohh its amazing!
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umm, i have seen this on a digi art program... oh well. it is a beautiful piece!
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this is also a Fightstar Cover
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your work is so good! I made an account a year ago but never came on it until now. So many good artists on here!
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hey! I saw this picture on Corel Painter 11 cover! Very cool work!))
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