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In Sight of Apocalypse

its been a while since i submitted anything substantional....and it feels good to do so once again:) (Smile)

This image was inspired by a dream i had a week ago, the image shows the clearest thing i remember.
A bright light filled the sky and smoke swept through the city...i then had a close up of a guy, not sure if it was supposed to be me or not but i watched in the reflection of his goggles as the figures grew and disintergrated, then suddenly everything started to break apart and slowly float away in the wind.


not entirely sure what is means but ive got my own thoughts on that.

anyway i hope you like it:) (Smile)

created in PS7 no refs used
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this was featured on some bootleg chinese GBA console, the "game king"

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"Some day in 21st century, the earth was attached by exotic. For the safe of our earth, a batter was broken between the earth and the exotic."
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Really amazing and uncommon . It looks like a book cover! :>
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fantastic item and creativity ;)
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Faaake. You stole this from the box art for Ares on the Game King. :b
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Rather oisome, it's creative too, i liek it
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do U draw these with a drawing pad?This is a very "talkative", substential and detailed image I just love it and it's massage.
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Wow! It's fantastic! 
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Someone put this in an art gallary! NOW XD!
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Haha, damn awesome!
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Very good visionary work, well executed.
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You sir...have very awesome dreams.
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amazing.  wish I had seen it when it came out, it would already be favorited ;)
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Dude, check this link.
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One of my favorite prints of bought on DA. Great work on this.
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hi mate, been searching for you and this awesome peice of art. I tattooed it on a clients foot and want to put the proper credit to you the artist for such a wonderful peice. One of my favs. I really hope me putting it into someone else's skin doesnt piss you off.
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It's just so fantastic, and the concept behind it is so symbolic yet strange. ^^ I love it~
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I do an online digital magazine called Surreal Grotesque. We are always looking to feature cool art, images, fiction and models. I think your stuff would go great in the December, Apocalypse Issue. Let me know if you are interested. You can email me at if you wanted to submit anything in particular or I could choose from your deviantart and let you know. All credit would go to you and would remain your property, I would just be using the photos to show other people your work. I also have a group here on deviantart: [link] Thanks!
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Beautiful! Your dreams are better than mine.
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