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this is a close up cropped section of an image im working on right now...and thats not even a full resolution crop...i had to shrink it a little:(

as you can see i put a lot of detail into my stuff but it always starts out as abstract blobs of colour, theres a few in this image:)

i should have the final image some time next week...hope you like it.
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Good job :-D
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awesome .___.
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this is awesome....
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wow, from a far, it doesn't even seem to look like that, this puts a whole new perspective on DPing for me. Nice one.
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I knew it, there were Terminators years ago!
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I really like your stuff. It reminds me of a friend of mine Kingzog you two should make an alliance and rule deviantart!
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Your works and inspiration mate :)
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The flowers add such a nice touch.
The flowers add a nice, angsty touch.
How come YOUR abstract blobs turn into such lovely pieces of artwork?
Mine couldn't. And I can't even draw the abstract blobs.
I want to see the thing when 'tis finsihed. NOW.
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one of he flowers looks like a pasted photo
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que bonito! es bonito!
me quito el sombrero
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Wow! amazing... im speechless but i am wondering how did you draw it ?

did you use photoshop ? or what programm... and what version ? :0

but most important: did you use a tablet? plz tell me if you did because if yes that would inspire me to get one with my christmas money, if not it will inspire me to get better using my mouse.

please i really am dying to know!

have a nice idea :)
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Wonderful stuff.. Keep up the good work...
ooohh.... made me SAD. and i was just happy from your tie one, too. love the flowers.
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awesome piece...
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poetry! I love it!!! fusion of nature and technology sitting in poetic harmony, love it!
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very cool!! how big do you work? (width, height, and resolution)
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