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If any of you have actually been paying attention to my recent sketches you might have noticed they focus on hands a lot. I've come to realize that this is probably because of how I see the human hand. As an individual, we see our hands and arms more than any other part of a body. Hell, we can't even see our own faces without assistance, but our hands are always there.

When we're kids we ask to "see" things, which means that we need to touch it and hold it.

For playing video games we use our hands as a method of interaction and feedback with the digital worlds we see with our eyes.

Look at most musical instruments. They require some use of your hands right? Drums, guitar, piano, trumpet, saxophone, and many others.

In creating things, from Lego structures to artwork, a lot of people use their hands to do the work while their brains and imaginations merely send the signals to the machinery.

You type using your fingers don't you?

I know I look at my hands every now and again, and think about all the things they have done. When people look at me, they don't look at my hands, they look at my face (or at least I expect them to), but my hands can tell stories better than my face can. Better than my words can.

Anyway, that's my little spiel about my recent work. I honestly don't think about this stuff as I'm creating it or even coming up with the idea. It usually hits me a day or two later. Expect to see more along those lines.
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Submitted on
May 12, 2012