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Toga's Basement

By archvermin
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I'm finding myself developing an unhealthy affection for yandere characters

For those of you who's read chapter 114, how do you think the plot line regarding Toga will proceed?
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I'm happy Camie's revealed to be alive and well in the remedial arc, but it's still scary. Also fascinating that she's the first gal Bakugou's given a non-insulting, non-vulgar nickname to that also didn't involve the word 'bitch'. I hope Camie hangs out with him more as part of his character development. And totes possible love interest too. :3 
archvermin's avatar
I gotta say Bakugou character being paired up with an airhead will likely end up in a lot more shouting and that will be a fun spectacle
ronniebegoode's avatar
I have no idea about the characters, but I really like this as a drawing.
MellxArts's avatar
why do i hope izuku will be there ~ something is totaly wrong with me ~ any way this art is amazing! is it  camie? 
Nobody09876's avatar
Who is the girl chained up?
YutoThePhantom's avatar
Kemi, a student from another academy Toga impersonated with her quirk. The real Kemi's whereabouts, if she is even still alive, are unknown.
rhymes-with-Orange's avatar
can't help but feel she ded
archvermin's avatar
Say it ain't so :(
YutoThePhantom's avatar
Well, think of it like this. Knowing it's Toga, the most likely options are "Murdered on sight", "Slowly Tortured to Death", or "Turned into a Nomu". Odds are bad no matter the choice.
Lost-One-60's avatar
Kinda wish it was Midoriya captured.
archvermin's avatar
Might actually happen down the track
Lost-One-60's avatar
Think of all the awkward talks...
Dragoon159357's avatar
It would be less them talking and more Toga sticking needles and knives or hitting something with a baseball bat for maximum hemorrhage.
Lost-One-60's avatar
A little.
But she also wants to have him alive.
Sexual-Yeti's avatar
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope... [distant sound of door slamming]
Ajax94's avatar
Poor girl! :c
S3rb4n's avatar
That's just nuts xD
TheOctopusMan's avatar
probably has to do something with either framing deku or something worse. Also when are we going to see teh Toga Kemi wedding album?
GunMasterG3's avatar
I believe Cammie will show up again as a brainwashed member of the villains. Maybe even as Togas lover/pet?
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Linkakami's avatar
I liked the girl until her reveal as a fake. Academia really knows how to instill fear and dread for a shounen.
GunMasterG3's avatar
I like Toga anyway. But man that was a gut punch. Yeah it's one of the many reasons I love the series so much!
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