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Girls in Bikini

I can't figure out the new DA tag system, they now have automatic suggestions for what I'm typing, but they offer several ways to spell the name of the same character. I guess it doesn't really matter in the end, but I wonder how others go about doing it?

Characters Uraraka Ochako, Asui Tsuyu, and Ashido Mina from My Hero Academia
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Nicely done. I don't see ones done this nice.

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My 2 favorite characters from my hero academia

(Tsuyu asui & uraraka ochako)

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I'm glad to hear. I'm hoping I can draw more of them

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Hah check out that urakaka body~ XD I cant remember what he said about Tsu...
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I like Hori's art style when drawing females, they look fit and healthy
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Excellent ladies!
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Why is there so many damn jojo references on this person's art??? Lol.
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Surprisingly, these three are are my favorites out of all the girls in the show. Great work.
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An Alien Queen, a frog and a cute gravity girl!
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All walk to a beach with a green haired muscle kid.
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Oh my....oh my........GOODNESS!
Careful! You're running out of power! Conserve whatever energy you have left because you may never know when you might use it next!
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No! I will go beyond! PLUS ULTRA!
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Good job ! :D They are so cute. D:
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