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Drawing the Manga Eye-Tutorial

By archvermin
This is the first page in my tutorial. You can find the rest here: Drawing the Manga Eye: a Brief Guide


Some other tutorials of interest maybe found in my journal
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I definitely liked this tutorial. you deem quite established with your ideas.I very much enjoyed reading this as it kept interest,and was easy to understand.i especially agree with the fact that an understanding of the real eye is important.I haven't thought of it that way before ,and i think it would help.i cant say i disagree with anything .. but i would like to see more of your wonderful eye drawings ^_^
.(in concussion) So the technique and originality is good (both drawings and info) I find it is easy to understand.And you have an excellent point of view!

good job!I love it!
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this is great!! now only if i could draw eyes evenly. xD its like i can't draw the left eye with my right hand.
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Same with me.
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You just gave me some good ideas.^^ Thank yee:hug:
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This looks really helpful! Just ready the begging a bit lets me feel less stressed about eyes
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hey~! Im the group owner of the group mangahelp and Im wondering If i could put your tutorial in my group?
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You may, but unfortunately the link's expired and I already deleted the file, so this single page is all that's left.
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Do you happen to have the rest of the tutorial? :O
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I actually lost it, sorry
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Oi sorry someone asked that vHv.
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Thanks for this!
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glad you like it
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This is a great tutorial thanks for th help
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Meh. I thought I had finally stumbled upon a great, complete tutorial about drawing the manga eye, when all of a sudden, the website doesn't load!
Is there any way to see what I expect to be a great tutorial?
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Ah yes, the mangarevolution website has been down for 2 years. I think I've since deleted that tutorial from my computer. I may do an updated remake.
It sucks to hear it's been deleted, but the idea of a remake is nice.

I can't draw people, so I've been trying to learn how to draw them piece by piece (eyes, etc) before learning more about shadows and how clothing wrinkles, etc. So I'm looking forward to a remake.
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I'd be delighted if my limited insight into this art offers you any assistance lol. But if drawing people is what you're going for, I need not remind you to frequently attempt to draw people anyway - even if you feel you can't draw each aspect to a person properly.
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