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A wild Duskull appears..
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ah ha ha ha NOPE.
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Some Pokémon would be pretty scary in real life :/
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this is gonna haunt my nightmares now thx ^^ didnt want to sleep tonight anyways
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That is a DUSKULL. Pretty much every duskull art I see is all cute, but this is a DUSKULL.
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Woah. This makes me wanna go catch a duskull.
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I can see the void...

Awesome picture. :D
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HOLY CRAP...dude this is creepy...I LOVE IT! there is a graveyard in my town that i like to walk thru but i gotta admit it gets PRETTY dark there at night and so i will admit id be shocked to see something like this...but after the shock was over i would catch it XD
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Awesome and creepy! I would be dead if I encountered a wild Duskull in real life! O_o
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oh god i swear the eye moved! :jawdrop:
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your shading is awesome! you use photoshop?
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Truly freaky. I love it~
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cool man nice concept :D
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The staring... the eternal staring...
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. . . freaky. . . and cool
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OMG! ^_^ And I thought your Haunter was cool.
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thanks! I'm planning on making many, many more. ^^
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