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Sybal-Heim - Jody 'The Rock' Burton



Tried myself on an animated app for the first time, hope it turned out well o ^o

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Disclaimer for RP: Jodie is meant to have a pretty effeminate appearance and voice, the latter even moreso in his Sybalform so he is very likely to be mistaken for a female!


:bulletblue: Name: Jody Burton


:bulletblue: Nicknames: - - -

:bulletblue: Age: 18


:bulletblue: Physical Age: 15


:bulletblue: Height: 5'2'' [Sybalform: about 8 feet]


:bulletblue: Hair: Blonde


:bulletblue: Eyes: Blue


:bulletblue: Faction: Disciple

From the start, Jody has considered being trapped in Sybal-Heim a blessing, even if he is not all that vocal about it being a good thing. The boy's old home felt as much as a prison would; stuck doing the same work every day and finding little time for himself. Jody detests how everyone turns into a monster at night and therefore often complaints about being a citizen of Sybalheim, making it seem like he dislikes the concept of the place while he accepts it as a price he had to pay for his independence. However, compared to the human realm, Sybal-Heim allows Jody to follow his passion, working in an actual library and being freed from the constant bullying by his older brothers as well as his father's strict and rough treatment.


:bulletblue: Occupation: Library Worker

Jody does not see himself in a leading position and rather does the dirty work for others as long as he can be in his favorite environment - that being the Kardia Library. He enjoys taking care of the place, sorting books and overall making sure that everything is to everybody's liking. During his breaks and post working hours one can often find the boy with a book, reading in the corner and not paying attention to his immediate surroundings.


:bulletblue: Sybal Form: The Pristine Monolith

Jody's Sybalform is a stone golem with a large glowing blue core in its center. Its size is about 8 feet but varies by a few inches every time he transforms into it. Two massive floating rock hands with an embedded gem similar in appearance to the core seem to be suspended in mid-air next to Jody, connected by a ghostly tether to the main body. Jody can move those hands freely around him without the limitation of arms but he is unable to stretch the tether further than a about a meter each. Depending on Jody's emotional state at dusk, his Sybalform will be less or more bristle.

The Pristine Monolith is physically strong and durable due to its solid nature but moves sluggish unless given enough time to build momentum. Also its balance is a major weakness because of its pointy feet but Jody has learned to use the hands to counteract those issues, often walking "on all fours" as this is the safest way of getting from A to B. Damage on the Monolith's "skin" is not felt as pain by Jody but this is a different matter entirely if the core gets injured. Should that happen, the Monolith grows weaker and less responsive to Jody's will. If the Core were to be destroyed, Jody would die. Also, because Jody cannot perceive pain if injured anywhere else, it is possible that parts of his rock-body crack and break off, limiting the Monolith's physical abilities and movements. Injuries of that kind will be undone upon transformation.


:bulletblue: Sybal Power: Spacial Protector

Jody's power is the ability to create light-blue bubble-shaped barriers either surrounding himself or someone/-thing else. Additionally whatever is captured inside the bubble is unaffected by gravity while the shield itself is stationary (so flying with it is impossible unless the shield is created in mid-air around something that has already been there. Even then the barrier will not move). The barrier itself is especially strong against magical attacks and will adjust its energy to offer maximum protection. This means the more the shield is attacked by one certain element (for example fire), the less damage it will take from this element. However, in this strength lies the barrier's biggest weakness: While it offers great protection against monotone attacks, it grows weaker to other elements when attacked by one. When dealing with physical attacks, the barrier is quite durable and will harden where hit while weakening everywhere else. Receiving blows from different angles will make the bubble break faster - still physical strength is needed to achieve this outcome (The barrier has the same properties, no matter if attacked from the inside or the outside). Additionally Jody can only ever create one barrier at a time but once created, it will stay until it either breaks, night ends or Jody creates another. He can also manually cancel a barrier on will. If the bubble breaks due to being damaged, Jody will become dizzy for a few seconds and unable to create a new shield.

Jody's only method to activate his power are to shape  the shield by adjusting the gems in his palms so a barrier can be created either between or around them. On creation the bubble always attempts to be as large as possible while still being in immediate contact with the palm gems; therefore the power's reach is fairly limited and most useful for self-preservation or imprisonment of a staggered individual.


:bulletblue: Docile or Feral: Docile

Jody has full control over his actions in his Sybal-form.


:bulletblue: Personality:

Jody has had to deal with heavy bullying before his time in Sybal-Heim. Thus he has developed heavy anxiety issues over that time that carry over to his current mental state. He is a silent individual that prefers to not engage in  social interactions more than he has to. He tends to complain if he talks at all but more often than not shows no interest in others, often making him appear apathetic. However, once someone invests enough time in him, he will warm up to that person, especially if he feels fine talking about books with them. This will cause a friendlier and more engaging Jody to surface who will laugh a lot more and seems to be enjoying life much more than he otherwise lets it seem to be.

When Jody is busy reading books, he prefers having his personal bubble undisturbed and will react with insulting sarcasm to anyone trying to invade his space. If pestered enough, he will grow anxious fast and try to remove himself from the situation. If denied that ability, he might grow majorly frustrated, get aggressive or even start crying. Someone who inflicts this onto Jody, will lose his trust for a long time as the boy knows how to hold a grudge. In general he does not function well under pressure and prefers to be left alone in those situations.


:bulletblue: History:

Jody was born in the middle of the 19th century as the youngest of 5 brothers in a family operating a potatoe farm in England. Early he had to start helping his father and brothers to work for the family's benefit. Considering they were far from wealthy and had many mouths to fill, the boys had to work hard and sacrifice most of their free time after school on the fields. The mother was taking care of the house which was a bit off civilization, and managed food and shopping for groceries, trips on which she often took one of the boys along to help carrying. More often than not it was Jody who tagged along in order to visit the town's bookstore and maybe even have one book purchased by his mother. This was a rare occurrence and the item was treasured highly by the boy.


His brothers often ended up making fun of Jody for his interest in nothing but "stupid boring books" and for having an overall delicate and effeminate appearance. When Jody started to ignore those comments, the jokes turned into downright bullying and harassing. Those were the mental scars that caused Jody to grow anxious over the years and detest his own home and family. It felt like a prison to him.


Jody was 15 when the two oldest of his brothers - who were the ones enjoying mentally torturing their youngest sibling the most -  stole the few books he had and forced him watch them as they set them ablaze right in front of his eyes, either to teach the young boy a life lesson or to just revel in his misery over the loss of his only treasures. In tears Jody ran off, wishing for nothing but a safe haven, a place without his brothers or the mental abuse they had laid upon him through is entire lifetime. Before long he found himself lost in a forest which he didn't know existed around here and went deeper inside, finding himself at the gates of an unusual city.


Jody would never return home again.


The boy quickly grew accustomed to Sybal-Heim, even getting to live at his own place. His happiness skyrocketed when he learned to know about the town's library and saw his chance to be useful while still following his actual passion. It didn't matter that he would just be there to clean after others as long as it meant to be surrounded by knowledge. He was immortal in a world that collected books from the outside world as it progressed, what more could he wish for?

At first Jody had been placed in a fostering home in Ambrotos where he was treated nicely and with patience. While he never really clicked with his new parents, he appreciated their efforts of making him comfortable and after 3 years of living there he decided it was time to find his own place. He moved to the Heilig district shortly after, liking its culture.


:bulletblue: Additional Info:

> During hs time of being abused Jody wished to be stronger and tougher so that his brothers' words had less of an effect on him. This is why his Sybalform is a massive rock golem. Because of his innocent nature the stone is white.

> Jody highly values his personal bubble - so much that it lead to his power to create spacial barriers.

> Jody appears rather effeminate and doesn't correct people who mistake him for a girl.

> Often he can be seen in the district's native attires but he always goes back to an original combination of a blue poncho and a simple pair of pants.

> His voice also doesn't sound masculine. In his Sybalform, his voice seemingly resounds from his core and through some effect appears even more feminine.

> In his Sybalform Jody can "hug" himself and weaken the glow of his core to appear like a random rock formation in the landscape.

> When Jody gets excited while in his Sybalform, his core emits weak firefly-like lights

Jody Burton (c) by :iconarchspike:
Sybal-Heim (c) by :iconturtle-arts:
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