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This is Ridiculous
Behold, the Cryolophosaurus.
Araripe Ornithocheiroids
Pterorhynchus wellnhoferi
Cryolophosaurus skeletal
Raeticodactylus filisurensis
Pterodactylus antiquus
On Dave Peters and a Call to Action
There has been recent concern over the influence Dave Peters's website and blog have been having on the internet when it comes to information on pterosaurs and amniote evolution in general. There has been a lot that has been said on the matter and I'm not interested in repeating it all, wou can find the best information at the following pages: S. Christopher Bennett on "Pterosaur Science or Pterosaur Fantasy": Nima on "The Strange Journey of David Peters": Mickey Mortimer on "Why David Peters' analysis s
Down with the Dinosaur Renaissance!
Ok, maybe not, there are some good things that came of it (e.g. feathered dinosaurs), but I've come to be annoyed by a way of restoring dinosaurs that has been ubiquitous for the past 30 years or so. Simply put, we really need to make our prehistoric animals animals again. I've had the good fortune to dissect a good number of birds and to prod a few reptiles (living and dead), and I've noticed that it seems either very few people out there have done so, or simply ignored what they should have noticed; no animal is simply made from a skeleton with muscles stretched out like elastic bands and covered in a layer of paper-thin skin—they all have
Pterosaur skulls redux
The pterosaur skull panoplies that I made about half a decade back have become a bit old, stale, and very out of date, so I'm planning on making a completely new set to go with the skeletal reconstructions. I'm looking into some new traditional media techniques that might enhance the quality of the skull reconstructions too, the old ones were small scale (about 6cm wide typically) and done in .3 mm B mechanical pencil on copy paper and I was often disappointed by the low level of detail (which I always tried to overcome with small lead width) and low contrast (I would photoshop them up a bit to enhance that). Additionally, some of the skull r


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Your website seems to be broken
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What is your opinion?

Yesterday, I try to forget digital method and pay attention to David Peters advice for making my sketch in black by ink and oil paper….in result, I print my sketch and buy several ink pens (for drawing of different line size) and start my work…the result was good but after scan, I had problem for edit….suddenly, I found a new method for making my sketch in black by “ACDsee photo edit” software without use of print and ink….first, I use “Auto levels” for making my gray lines in black and then, I use “Exposure” for make background completely white…then, I edit some lines in “paint Microsoft”… may think it is strange way for edition….but my limitation make me creative for create new ways for edition… strange but a possible way …. my personal computer do not adapt by photo shop and in Iran, speed of internet is very low for download “Illustration adobe” software….Now, after ten horses, I finished my artwork for making it in new version…..I hope you and your family like my new art……It is my first art work with such method(a white skeleton In black flesh)…I am happy I can development my ability….previous week, I did not have skill for making my artwork similar to Scott Hartman art and today, I can create an amateur art like to Scott Hartman Method…I try to perform all my effort for my personal good goal and I think every person should perform similar way if he (she) believed to his(her) goal.
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there is my first picture about Dimorphodon skeleton:
What is your opinion?

Best Regards, Amin Khaleghparast (a lonely biologist from IRAN)
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T.rex vs Triceratops by an iranian artist:
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passing away the great paleoartist, Dan Varner(Daniel Wade).

I am in shocked for passing away the great paleoartist, Dan Varner(Daniel Wade). it was a very sad news for me and other lovers of his artworks. I am very sad the world of paleoart and paleontology loses one of the best paleoartists and a great man!
all of us as lovers of him would miss him so much.

Hope his work will be more widely seen and appreciated!

Best regards, your friend always, Amin Khaleghparast (a lonely biologist from IRAN)