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Becoming One With The Night

Commission for Spacecowboy's Becoming One With The Night.

Also a new personal best for me in terms of speed (6.5 hours!) and quality. IMO obviously.

If you want to commission me for art, see this journal.
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Even after reading the story for this i'm still confused.  Are Twilight and Luna becoming one pony?  From this it looks like they are, because Luna's mane now has some of Twilight's color in it.
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Nah, she's wrapped up in it and a little confused. The colouration is just lighting.
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that makes more sense.  The title can be a little confusing, at least it was for me.
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This took 6.5 hours? Yikes. Was it in the drawing/sketch stage or in the rendering? What program are you using?

It's probably possible to speed that up for a soft lineless painting by using masking or clipping layers properly and using hard shadows in advance.
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:iconrussiaplz: :iconsaysplz: Become one with Luna, da?
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Its not the Luna, its the Queen Chrysalis! Look at her eyes! She came back to seek revenge on the mare who ruined her wedding plan.
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No it isn't Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon is escaping! She is seducing Twilight to prevent another loss.
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All of my love.

My only critique is the placement of Twilight's right eye and ear. Just keep on drawing and becoming awesome. Also, work bigger so you can upload a bigger image! More square inches of pony = more love!
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... can't unsee now... O.O

:D I have a 3kx3k (roughly) version but at that scale you can see all the annoying little problems. All of them. Still, if you want something larger, here's a wallpaper.
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awwwwwwww yeeeeeeahhh Luna & Twilight Y.E.S....<3
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Aww, that's the cutest platonic cuddling I've ever seen!
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It's pretty, but why are Luna's eves green?
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Contact lenses.
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You sir, are fucking awesome. Love the picture!
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