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RD trot + wing flap

Oh my god this was the most fun to make!
Did this in Flash, YES fucking FLASH! I learned how to use Flash in less than a day! HA top that!

Anyway, it's just Rainbow Dash trotting and flapping her wings. Nothing special. But This is VERY likeable!
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Rainbow, it's one or the other :T
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Wow, nice animation!
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Pinkie Pie: Hmm, this needs background music...
WildKnight: I've got just the tune. YO DJ!!!
Vinyl Scratch: LETS SPIN THIS SHIT!!!…
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Great job! i ove rainbow dash and flutershy (creo que asi se escribe y sino perdon)
Her cutie mark is backwards.
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no, no its not.
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WOAH less than a DAY for THIS?

Crimeny my good man, this is brilliant!
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you learned how do this in 1 day?
now i really do feel like shit...
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very good, very fluid
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wow that looks brilliant!! ^^
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YES, I agree...VERY likeable!
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I'm trying to figure flash out and having trouble. Can you point to me where you learnededed?
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Honestly I'm still learning things as well. Just try and find some tutorials on the internet to see how the program works. And after that, you can learn to animate things by trying stuff out and carefully watching other animations and learn different styles and basics.
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it's so nice! however, i think its a little fast for a trot.
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It almost looks legit... o.o
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...How cute... :D

Nice animation as a gif. file. ;)
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Wow. That's really smooth animation! Great job!
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