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Well, since I have this account, I might as well use it.

I have a good amount of drawings/renders/sketches just floating around my hard drive, doing nothing and being seen by no one. Might as well rip them from their comfortable niche, dust them off, and chuck them out here.

So, as I run into older pictures, I'll send them off to the aptly named "Old Stuff" folder, and leave them to meander around there, reminiscing about the good old times (back when I liked them, or was even proud of them :L)

That's pretty much it. Off now, to take part in something I know I'll be proud of.
So, I got myself a deviant account. Hrm. Something I've been intending to do for the last, well, few years.

Being part of a site that some of the most talented people I've ever seen submit art to is somewhat overwhelming, and somewhat intimidating. But let's have fun either way.

Here I am, so let's get it started. At my own pace, of course xD