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...and the madness stares back... by archon357 ...and the madness stares back... by archon357
Soooooo, what do I write about this... Let's try moving from the big picture and into details:
There's this really cool web novel "City of Angles" ( ) written by this really cool dude Stefan Gange ( ), and you should totally go check it out, as well as his other stuff.
It's about dreams, madness, non-euclidian spaces, beat poetry, surrealism in the mundane... about people trying to live their lives in projected "normalcy" while living in an absolutely abnormal place. It's about a lot of things, and touches on a lot of themes but it's hard to explain in a few sentences. It's a bit of Philip K. Dick, a bit of Pratchett, even a dash of Lovecraft, and I really don't like presenting a style trough other people's styles, so I'll stop there.
I've been quietly reading it now and feeling bad about not leaving comments and feedback (don't be like me, I suck). It keeps going in a very good way, advancing the world and plot in an understandable way and I feel it's slowly building up to something truly monumental.
Go read it, you won't regret it - hours of fun and intrigue are guaranteed (or maybe not, there's people with all kinds of weird tastes on the interwebs (says the guy drawing a million eyes on a single girl (who also really likes using parenthesis even though he got scolded by his lector for it (mmmm parenthesis)))). Or better yet, go buy actual physical copies that you can hold with your actual physical hands at

Now, the image is somewhat, kinda-sortsa a spoiler, but I need to say something about it to relate my problems while creating it. This is Bedlam, a personification of madness and chaos present in the City, constantly shifting and changing shape in mind-boggling ways, and she is quite probably completely impossible to accurately represent in a static 2d image, so all fan-art is bound to fall flat (ba-dum-tsh). So, it's possible that I just drew her in one of her more... eh... lucid... states, or maybe just that we should settle for approximations, because the way she'd look in your head is just not transferable to reality. Let's just say that this is tame compared to how it could have been.
I intentionally chose to move a bit from my regular style (if one could call it that) and the single-color choice is a very specific one.
I agonized a lot about how to make or break this picture. Even so, it actually surfaced rather fast and I had very little technical trouble bringing it to my screen, which is slightly odd for me.
I also really agonized about what to write in the description and I don't even know if I did what I wanted. Maybe the picture is having some kind of etheric effect on my mind or something. Eurgh.

(EDIT: Looks like I did good and I'm really satisfied and maybe a bit smug and yeah.… )
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October 18, 2014
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