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Semi-cartoony Ear 3d model (free OBJ FBX download) by archon357 Semi-cartoony Ear 3d model (free OBJ FBX download) by archon357
Looking at the Kitsu model I made recently, I realized I never really modeled an ear further than the basic flat shape. Saw mentions that modeling one was actually a challenge, so I set out to make one of my own.
It's slightly stylized to appeal to my personal preference, but I think it could pass as a part of a more realistic model as well. The lobule might be a tad small, but it's really no big deal. No pun intended.
Practically entirely edge extrusion modeling, made from scratch. Worked based on a reference sheet I drew myself, looking at other models, real life and photographic reference.
Edge flow is OK, but I didn't worry too much about it or quading, as I really doubt it should be particularly deformable :P

Uploaded in both OBJ and FBX, with two versions, high and low poly. The shape is more or less the same, but the low poly version is slightly more rounded, as it suffered some really sharp edges in the downgrade.
Attaching to an existing model shouldn't be too complicated - I kept degrading towards the attaching part, to leave a reasonably small amount of edges.

High poly - ~700 tris ~370 poly
Low poly - ~250 tris ~140 poly
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September 12, 2014
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