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Manga Style Easy Speed/Focus Lines Tutorial by archon357 Manga Style Easy Speed/Focus Lines Tutorial by archon357
When I'm faced with a challenge of some sorts, I like to toy around with it and try to do it my own way before googling it up.
Such is the case with manga-style focus lines I felt I needed for a picture (and then decided later not to use them for it >_>). I tried brute-forcing it, screwing around with filters (polar coordinates seemed promising, but ended up inadequate) and paths even the smudge tool (worst idea ever) and ended up finding a very incomplex way of getting some solid looking lines. I worked in Photoshop CS6, but I'm almost certain that it can work fine in all current-ish versions.

Want to see a picture finished with this exact method? Check here: Focus Lines testpiece

Now I'm not silly enough to think this idea is particularly new - there's probably better, more expansive or more succinct tutorials out there that achieve just as good or better results. Possibly some plugins or scripts, and I suppose that some programs have an built-in tool for it (MangaStudio, maybe? Dunno, never used it). Still, I find this works really well for me, and it might just work for other people as well. The focus here is simplicity and I'm not sure how much simpler it could get -_-

Simple enough - all that you need to know is already in the picture itself, and I hope you'll find it at least somewhat useful! :)
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October 18, 2014
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