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Kat by archon357 Kat by archon357
Before I start rambling, here's how to do those speed lines really neatly and easily in Photoshop: Manga Style Easy Speed/Focus Lines Tutorial

Oh boy. This is and old one. And a new one. Eeeeh. It's kinda fan-art, but it doesn't actually have anything linking it to the material, so it's kinda not fan-art at all. Ugh.

I think some back story is perhaps required here. (Warning: semi-nostalgic semi-rambling incoming)
A long-ass time a go, or what feels like it, I was having the time of my life playing trough community modules for Neverwinter Nights (the original, not the shoddy sequel). Rose of Eternity, Elegia Eternum, Almaraiven, Surviving Horror, modules of all kinds, all great fun and so immersive beside the dated graphics and same-y backdrops that would show up in each.

One module (or rather, set of modules) stood out in a particular fashion - Penultima. It was in such a setting that your character was almost completely and utterly freed of any "lore" restrictions, given the humorous nature of the module, its theme and the hub-based delivery. So I just kinda started with a semi-generic female human fighter and messed around with armor designs and suddenly she had a tail and cat legs and wtf was I on? From somewhere I got a one-use-per-day item that summoned an air elemental for which I even had a name that I forgot now, but she was "the only thing that could keep up with Kat's lightning fast movement". It was a lot of fun having a stupid character like that and my young and mushy mind thought it would be awesome if I drew her in an awesome action pose fighting the awesome main villain of the awesome module with her awesome sidekick with awesome fire spouting from the awesome ground and... yeah.
It was a terrible sketch. It wasn't a good pose. There was no way to make it look like I originally wanted to. Buuuut... I kept the drawing around. Occasionally pulled it up and fixed some of the more egregious ugliness and added a bit of detail. Interestingly, I never really felt that the elemental needed fixing. She's mostly as she was in the original sketch even...
I started it certainly more than 6 years a go.
It's still not really great, I'm aware of that.
But I really think I should spend my energy on new stuff instead of fixing old things. So I just finished it up with a lazy background and decided to be officially done with it. I could have probably gone another few years occasionally touching it up, but let's not do that.
So yeah. It started as fan art. Then it got devolved into something that has almost nothing to do with it except the origin, and that is not evident in the image in any way...
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October 18, 2014
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