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Caelestis Avium by archnemesis Caelestis Avium by archnemesis
::Caelestis Avium::

Since the dawn of time, the human race's beliefs into unexplainable phenomena has declined, and it shall keep descending until a state is reached where there are no beliefs, no faith, only scientific 'facts' and the perceived truth. The decline of faith will ultimately result in a total breakdown of imagination, the human being's greatest gift.

This elimination shall cause the inhabitants of earth's once seperate conciousness' to assimilate into one. individuality would be no more.

A bleak look into the future yes, but definetely feasible nonetheless. The title roughly translates to 'divinity lost'. Made entirely in PS6, thnx goes out to for the stock image. Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated as usual. The full view is highly recommended, as the thumbnail doesnt show details ;) (Wink)
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agarash Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2002
You said it, there's always something to improve. :) (Smile)


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the-faun Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2002
okay mate, here is a real comment! :D (Big Grin) I took this from the assignment i did.

A modern example of Expressionism is “Caelestis Avium” by Kieran Madden. This piece was completed on the 27th of August 2001, and it was made entirely on computer. Despite the media used to create this, it is still undoubtedly an Expressionist work, and a wonderful example of the movement. The piece features a female, angel-like figure surrounded by highly stylised fire and smoke. Behind these things is a large mural, such as could be found in a traditional Catholic Church. This piece is very obviously not a visual copy of an actual event; rather it is a pictorial translation of the artist’s emotion. Madden made this art by layering two different photos then manipulating them by adding airbrushing. The airbrushing was then smudged and blurred creating the fluid effect of stylised movement. The main element of design evident is the unusual indistinct shapes used which give it a dream-like, highly passive feeling as though viewing a freeze-frame. The colours used are beautifully simplistic and the distinct shape of the angel amongst the blurred lines and colour of the rest of the piece helps to draw the focus to the angel’s torso and head. There were few principles of design used therefore lending the piece a very chaotic, random appearance. Caelestis Avium means “lost divinity” when translated and this is basically what this image is all about. The message that comes across in this piece for me is that we, as humanity, don’t believe in as many mystical things as what we used to. This leads to the destruction of these things (symbolised in the fallen angel and the burning mural) and the eventual destruction of imagination. This image is surrounded in an overpowering sense of loss and sadness. These emotions are portrayed in the way that the fire is shown, not as threatening, but as a remorseful event to be regretted. It is also displayed in the downcast manner in which the angel holds herself. This piece is an excellent work of art and it is rare that I find thought and sorrow so aptly portrayed. I find the picture striking in the way that it stands as a silent tribute for things lost and destroyed.

{There is a little bit of faun in everyone}

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the-faun Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2002
OMFG!! YOU did this?!?! I didnt know! I love this piece, i actually did an art assignment on it!! (reallises i prolly didnt note you about that at the time... sorry)

This is such an awesome piece of art, i love the techniques used and also the awesome meaning! Über fave!! Great work!
{There is a little bit of faun in everyone}

/¯¯]Kitty-chan /¯¯¯¯] THE-FAUN /¯¯¯¯]Kitty-chan /¯¯]
zlim Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2002
Wow looks powerful on the desktop. Like neko said, You got talent. Lot's of it :) (Smile) good work.
:? (Confused) How do i bust tha ill 3D shitz :? (Confused)
super17 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2002
I love the words and the pictures in the backround, has a good meaning, and could have many different meanings for certain people.
nekonoko Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2001  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dark yet rich in detail and colour variation. Incredible piece of imagery ... you're extremely talented!

sasso Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2001
Savage detail! i don't know what to say that hasn't already been said, but fantastic work!

sasso is also known as Sal Loria sometimes
acidemon Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
how the other x-thousand people said: WOW!
it'z just amazing!! very dark :) (Smile)

so go ahead with artwork like that!

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regener8ed Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2001
wowzers - i missed this one along the way... thats an incredibly beautiful piece. i like the design and the concept; the smudged parts and the colors are really cool!

: ::] regener8ed [:: :
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hermelin Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2001
Amazibg though the wings should'nt
have strokes.
Anyhow great work

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slave2rave Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2001
so much comments
i thought it was a DD
=D (Big Grin)

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spooko Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2001
wow thats pretty damn neat-o!

after seeing this i might try and make a new last minute entry for this.....contest

unless, good ol "sex in the desert" pulls through for me.....


paroxysm Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
i think that religeon is an inherent part of human nature. if man was to become de-humanised then i believe your theory could become reality. but what could possibly affect man more than things have in the past? perhaps something extraterrestrial? who knows?..

if nothing else, this entry poses a great arguing point about our future. unfortunately, i can't say that because this is an outstanding piece of art as well.

on a technical point, the only thing i can suggest is maybe thin-out the black areas - they seem to consume too many interesting parts of the pic.

otherwise, great going - hope you win a prize!!

:: paroxysm ::

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teaspoons Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
Wow, that's amazing...especially with your description, the colors and textures work well toward loss and chaos. Nice!
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altermind Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001  Professional Digital Artist

it's okay... but not much else to say..

.:defining reality:.
acmax Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
Bleeek. And also cool. Love the wings. Great stuff. :) (Smile)
warfish Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
arch, this is may be even better than mine work! i wish you win this compitition! keep it up. i hope you win something!

have a nice die!
MattSpire Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
i like submissions with thought behind them, and this is no exception. based on a solid thought, and grounded in excellent skill.

good luck in the contest 8) (Cool)

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itirep Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2001
well first off...i like what you are trying to do here-i just think there is too much black-hiding an interesting pic...if it blended a little better instead of just being on top at a lower opacity it might have a better flow to it...also,not to be picky,but theres a spot in the middle of the upper right quadrant that is squared off instead of smudged in...probably just an oversight,but it is distracting...i do however really like the apparently random smudging...its a neat idea

pafro Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2001

Well... what can i say.. other then someone has had late nights with the smudge'n, and while u were up so late, my guess is that u also wrote the Description then as well. (did u just finish doing ur english study also??) anywayz keep up the good work, and stop play'n GT, and do us another Wall.
NHorn Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2001  Hobbyist Digital Artist

this is really awesome, and it definately requires a full view. all the little complex things in the wings are alot to take in even in full view. I like the concept alot, and i like the mood of this. great stuff :D (Big Grin)
cranial-bore Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2001  Hobbyist Digital Artist
heh, yeah I knew about Fight the Future contest, just wasn't smart enough to connect it to 'FTF' :) (Smile)

Anyway, fantastic piece. This rocks my socks, and the concept is one that I have thought about before. Certainly not unrealistic to imagine at all.

Good work, as long as you don't win :) (Smile)
--» Cranial Bore «--
jibrille Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2001   Interface Designer
I smell mad skill! I love it! :) (Smile) Looks great the texture look is wonderful the colours for it are great.. just Dandy! :D (Big Grin)

·´¯`· Jibrille·´¯`·
archnemesis Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2001
Thnx for the comments and suggestions guys, i am thinking of working on it a little more. There is always something to improve on, goddammit! =D (Big Grin)

::no offense shalt go unchastised::
mazziestarr Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2001
awesome texture..and i adore the name of the piece.....[=

mazzie starr*
sentinel Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2001   Traditional Artist
What can i say, i just LOVE this image, it's so expressive, i feel all sorts of weird emotions just looking at it, it feels so much like the end of time to me, you did a great job!
Technically, i would only change one thing, i odn't like the grey glow around the wings, i think it'd look much better ifyou blended the wings withe the background so the image looked more like a whole. Right now it has 2 major parts.
Definently a runner fer the contest tho, great job!

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louie2000 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2001
ok, fisrt of all bits of it arn't smudged... there are chucky bits. But the rest of the picture is fine, and i love the text, looks wicked.good work

"This elimination shall cause the inhabitants of earth's once seperate conciousness' to assimilate into one. individuality would be no more. "

this reminds me of something... =) (Smile)
yeeess... you trekki =P (Razz)

but overall, awesome work =) (Smile)

xhaos Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2001
nice colour mr nemesis, the text along the bottom also looks good. i like how she also appears to be sitting on something, not just floating. maybe that's just me.

maybe you intended this, but she does not fit into the image at all. and a large part of the background appears to be that painting of zeus i sent you =) (Smile)
alex4ever Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2001
interesting view. "bleak" is the word man!
let's hope none of this comes true,especially that bit about "breakdown of imagination". after all, that's what deviantart is all about, no?

having said that, this is a pretty amazing piece ... great detail and i like the colours too.
good luck with the contest... i still can't decide which of mine to put in.
dark-angel Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2001
excellent work, I love the way the wings are, and the colours, it all works together really well.

.:: Dark Angel ::.

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xa0 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2001
Things I like:
-Black wings!
-is that latin?
-gotta love a naked chick

your fingers must be soooooo dirty after all that smudging. ;-) (Wink)
Nice work! I still dunno how the description matches the work... but I might figure it out someday... =) (Smile) The work is good enough to do without such a grand lead-in! =D (Big Grin) YaY!

loiden Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2001
ohh... thats really great... very mutsh to look on... I like it alot,,,, great work dude!!!

::[Jag är Miljöskadad]:: ::
dirtytrancin Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2001
this has so much detail..... the more that i look at it the more that i see.... might have to pront this one out and put it on my wall i think...
keep up the good work
argylekid Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2001
very interesting piece...I'm still taking in your description and relating it to the stands strongly on it's own, but the description tells me more on how it's to be percieved...good job (rock)

[Our scars make us who we are]
computerologist Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2001  Hobbyist
wow...archy...that is so damn cool....i have no idea how the hell you did that...but i'm jealous excellent stuff as usual :) (Smile)

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goldenchild3k Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2001
Wow..... thats pretty meaningful...... :-) (Smile)

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ekud Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
bastard............ i swear to god, you beat em with this and i'll be cut....... i'll be REAL cut.......... but i'll lose to a deserved piece. this is great man.

- |>e >| -
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