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because perfection is boring. accidental glitches and intentional mistakes are more interesting. databend your digital data.
  • Listening to: John&Jehn - Time for the devil
  • Reading: Teatro Grottesco, Thomas Ligotti
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Playing: :-} as always
  • Drinking: green tea..
Check for some 3D virtual fun. Requires a VRML/X3D plugin to view.
  • Listening to: More República Masonica - Azul Dietrich
  • Reading: O'Hara & Shadbolt, O Espião na M&aacute
  • Watching: teevee
  • Playing: :-} as always
  • Drinking: lots and lots and lots of coffe...
Wishing everyone a fine 2010, full of interesting ideas and intriguing projects!
  • Listening to: the heavy rainfall
  • Reading: Ingeborg Reichle - Art in the Age of Technoscienc
  • Watching: the rain
  • Playing: :-} as always
  • Drinking: red bull
... to my DA friends and everyone who faves my work and doesn't get any thank you note. I'm currently swamped with work, and very little time to do the things that matters most. It shall pass, successfully, i hope.
  • Listening to: Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi is Dead
  • Reading: Jess Nevins - Heroes and Monsters
  • Watching: blank tv. best program ever.
  • Playing: :-} as always
  • Drinking: red bull
Two fishes. One dog. My dad's cat. Five baby stray cats. One girlfriend. Me. Humans at my place are a small minority.
  • Listening to: Nymphs - Just One Happy Day
  • Reading: Mark Mazover - Hitler's Empire
  • Watching: European electoral campaign
  • Playing: :-} as always
  • Drinking: red bull
Done with the curricular part of my master thesis. For these past five weeks i've barely breathed. Now, time for a small mental vacation, to see if my fingers still remember how to pick up pencils and vectors... and, of course, prepping my master thesis investigations.Still a lot of work ahead..
  • Listening to: Aplhaville - Forever Young
  • Reading: Isabel Marques - Das Trincheiras Com Saudade
  • Watching: My dog sleeping
  • Playing: :-} as always
  • Drinking: hard coffee!
in work, finalizing the last semester of my master's studies. Desperately needing a vacation.
  • Listening to: Abner Jay - Vietnam
  • Reading: Herbert Read - Educação pela Arte
  • Watching: My dog sleeping
  • Playing: :-} as always
  • Drinking: hard coffee!
The dark rainy days of winter are on the wane...
  • Listening to: Hawkwind - Silver Machine
  • Reading: Media Technology and Society - Brian Winston
  • Watching: My dog sleeping
  • Playing: :-}
  • Drinking: earl grey tea
Wishing everyone of you deviants such as i a fine new year, filled with colour and creativity!

Merry 2008.
  • Listening to: The Who - Baba O'Riley
  • Reading: The Shock Doctrine - Naomi Klein
  • Watching: My dog waking up
  • Playing: with Psicology textbooks
  • Drinking: hot chocolate milk
Almost didn't notice that i've reached 15000 page views... have been busy, with tue beginning of master's degree in education wich, unfortunately, leaves me little time for my beloved artistic pursuits. My motto of nulla dies sine linea is under threat.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who stopped by, who gave a comment, who took a moment to look at my artwork. Some of you i already consider as friends.

On another front, the new PequenosArtistas… are almost online.
  • Listening to: Kraftwerk - Radioaktivitat
  • Reading: The Skin of Culture, Derrick de Kerckhove
  • Watching: late night depressing tv
  • Drinking: a dash of scotch
The new school year has begun. New projects, new ideas, new pupils and new labours await.
  • Listening to: John Coltrane - Giant Steps
  • Reading: V, by Thomas Pynchon
So, i've been tagged by Bear48. Not so merry thanks!

And now, eight random facts about me:

Random fact #1 - I'm at my happiest collecting seashells at low tide on the beach.
Random fact #2 - I really love my old car, but i'm considering trading it for an older car.
Random fact #3 - I read way too many books, i always have dozens of books in the to-read pile.
Random fact #4 - I love winter weather, yet i'm duplicious.
Random fact #5 - I do believe we will meet space aliens someday. In fact, i do believe i'm a space alien myself.
Random fact #6 - Sometimes i feel like a character in a good novel... like Stephen Daedalus in Ulisses, or, more to the point, like loplop in la fême 100 têtes
Random fact #7 - I strongly dislike shallow people.
Random fact #8 - I detest tagging meme games.... or not?

And now, i shall pass the misery to:

Never did learn to do the icon thingy.
  • Listening to: Alice Coltrane - Excerpts from the Firebird
  • Reading: V, by Thomas Pynchon
  • Watching: Dark skies in august
  • Playing: with the computer
  • Eating: breakfast...
  • Drinking: strawberry yougurt, my favourite.
or, growing insanely disquiet;
or, climbing at walls;
or, terminally bored.

I have to face it, i have to admit it: i hate vacations. I hate to have the time to do nothing at all. My brain feels srpingloaded, ready to burst.

I'm missing the hectic pace of work with the….
At least i have a collab project to keep going with Ah, work, lovely tonic for a restless mind.
  • Listening to: the blues
  • Reading: 3 or 4 books at the same time
  • Watching: this very screen
  • Playing: with the computer
For a teacher, the end of the school year  is an extremely hectic, tiring time. But now the curtains are descending; children have gone home, on holidays; projects wind down, everything slows down. As for the PequenosArtistas… , they are gone, as was expected. Next year i'll start againg with a new batch of pupils.

Still, other projects await: an interesting collaboration with PaulaFrade and limajoser (wich i haven't met personally but i am extremely impressed by the quality of his work) mixing illustration and children's literature that we hope to take as far as we can go!

Three merry artists on a mission...
  • Listening to: the sea
  • Watching: this very screen
  • Playing: with the computer
  • Drinking: the coolness of the air
Finally caved in to several pressures and went ahead to create a gallery to display my pupil's works in several media. It's at Pequenos Artistas… (little artists in portuguese). This will be a digital showcase for all the groovy madness that goes on on my and classes. Please bear in mind that my pupils are 10 to 12 years old, who love to experiment. Go and see my (our) Little Artist's!…
  • Listening to: Luís de Freitas Branco - Vathek
  • Reading: Os Melhores Contos de H. P. Lovecraft
  • Watching: this very screen
  • Playing: with the computer
  • Eating: just ate, thank you...
  • Drinking: the coolness of the air
It's been a long time...
  • Listening to: Classic 80's pop
  • Reading: Império do Medo, Brian Stableford
  • Watching: the sunset
  • Playing: with the computer
  • Eating: considering to cook a very nice fish
  • Drinking: the coolness of the air
Many thanks, i grumble between my teeth...

Tagged by Altergromit

Rules: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things/hates about yourself".

People who get tagged MUST write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things/hates as well and state this rule clearly.

In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their deviant page comments and tell them to read yours...

1 - i hate people who don't read books.
2 - boys bands, liked by my students, are one of my targets and always a laughing point whenever my students play with me
3 - weird things? i once had a pet rabbit. His eye fell out.
4- more weird things? i'm a walking disaster. Everything happens to me. Still, i never get (seriously) hurt.
5 - if i have to choose between a simple path and a complex one, i always choose the complex one, yet i'm a practical person. Just like to know things deeply.
6 - I drive an old car, and i love it.

Now, who should i tag...?
  • Listening to: to the always dire news
  • Reading: Eurico o Presbítero
  • Watching: the always dire news
  • Playing: with the computer
  • Drinking: r
Wishing everyone of you deviants merry festivities!
  • Listening to: Air
  • Reading: Pandora's Star
  • Watching: The Clock Ticking
  • Playing: with the computer
  • Eating: octupus
  • Drinking: red wine
To everyone that visits, or stumbles upon this humble place, a merry christmas or a merry night.
  • Listening to: John Coltrane
  • Reading: Pandora's Star
  • Watching: The twilight falling
  • Playing: with the computer
  • Eating: traditional cod, later
  • Drinking: green tea
The final days before christmas are hellish. Tons of bureaucratic work; works to assess, grades to give... and grading is always so difficult. Still, the smile on the childrens faces vanishes the tiredness.
  • Listening to: The sea crashing on the rocks
  • Reading: Elric
  • Watching: the night
  • Playing: with the computer
  • Eating: still preparing dinner, actually
  • Drinking: prince of wales tea