Someone Told Me a Story

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Someone told me a story when I was a little boy
This story was of a child
A mild mannered one
This boy like the rest was a clone
He wore the same clothes
He heard the same songs
He followed the trends from prep to those who look dead
He watched the same shows
He did the same old shit
He forgot who he was
And gave it up all
He’s fake from summer to fall
Posters of one hit wonders on his wall
What happened to the child that used to play baseball
What happened to the child who loved hanging in the mall
I guess he felt small when he was not like the rest
Felt a sharp pain of embarrassment on his chest
He dressed liked the rest and gave up on being the best
To him the social life was a test
No matter where he went
The north , the south ,the east , the west , the Midwest
By life he was never impressed
That night he went home and pressed the gun against his breast
So depressed, not thinking for one second
And with a click and a pop the young adolescent dropped
The smoke that came out his head was hot
To bad he didn’t stop to think
That there were so many people that truly loved him
One of my many poems
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