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People Say Love Is....

People Say Love Is This
People Say Love Is That
People Say Love Is Bliss
People Say Love Is Rich
People Say Love Is a mental glitch
that they prefer apathy over this
People Say Love Is This
People Say Love Is That
Who is the people to describe what you feel
when you meet that special person
that person in which you wish to have an honest relation
where every love song is your song
where every rose is your rose
where every food is your dish
love is exactly what you wish
what you think and feel
when the person you love can steal and heal all at the same time
the more she hurts the more she mends you think its a crime
then when she has to go because shes running out of time
there you are wishing she could stay for one second more
but she cant so with a kiss she goes out the door
Another of my poems
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