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and people say you this and you that
people act fake to fit in places they were never at
im a non conformist in this current state of rock and rap
i know real and fake
i know love and life
i know right and wrong
i know dark and bright
i know that i am to young to be heading into the light
i am a kid who constantly has to fight
i know i am a kid who is aware of his rights
i just need the wings to take flight

to go on a trip in which i cannot lose!
when im gone i have the power to choose!

i refuse the peer pressure and booze!
i listen to the news!
think me not a child thinkg me someone who hears the blues!

i am someone who battles abuse
i see the world differently through multiple views
and as your reading this i know i confuse
but i am human i have flaws even i break my own laws
just for a second i need to put my life on pause and think
like an ipod get my life in sync
and now i have but just one wish
that you to understand that life is a bitch
Another one of my poems
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