I know of This One Man

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I know of this one man

I know of this one man in solitude
Thrown into a cell where he can give no other man any attitude
Never had any gratitude towards life
He wasted it all on many a cheap vice
With everything he took a gamble and rolled the dice
Damn snake eyes
All those lies and constant tries got him into places he couldn’t adapt
And like a mouse caught in a trap
except that it wasnt cheese it was crack
This guy had no alternative except write rap
And even then his life was still crap
You see even in prison he was discriminated
Singled out because he weren’t like the rest
ignored because he didn’t carry the tattoos on his chest
Everyday he sat in his cell with notebook and pen in hand
He heard the music in his head like a grand orchestral band
Drums, trumpets, cellos, and violins
He felt the very sins drip of his skin
When he’s forgiven that’s when he knows what it is to win
Till then he remains alone , in his cell proned
Ready to attack and defend his own
And this he has shown in his song
The day he got out he hit the studio notebook , pen , and voice . ready to share his voice.
Another one of my poems
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