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Before there was Television
We had point of view vision
Before there was radio
We made music in our head
Before there was ps2
We had play outside with you
Before we had Microwave food
We had home cooked
Before the media told us what to do
We followed our own path with our crew
Before everyone told you this was you
You thought for yourself
Before you used to look in the back of the stores shelves
For music that was all to well
Now you buy the first thing you see
Usually a fake rapper or cheap band cd
Special editions with 2 new tracks
While the rest is the same old crap
Big pun , notorious B.i.g , 2 pac
Legends of rap have now become commercial sold by the mass
To make money for each artist quick and fast
Like I said same old shit 2 new tracks
Another one of my Poems
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