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A supportive group for those on dA who enjoy the Archie Sonic comics! All variants are welcome here: the Sonic X, Universe, the original, ect. As long as it was produced by Archie, it's welcome!
HOWEVER, please no Megaman characters/other crossovers! Characters cosplaying is fine, though!

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Freedom United!Now then, based on all of the STH incarnations that I value, such as (games/comics/cartoons), this volume series will become my reinspiring of the Sonic the Hedgehog saga and continuity. Much of this fanfiction will include game adaptations, as well as ones in the cartoons and comics. For example, I'm incorporating the Pre/Post Archie Sonic/Fleetway Sonic/IDW Sonic and SATAM/AOSTH/OVA/SB/SX/SU cartoons/movies. I'm returning that balance between lighthearted, comedic fun, and deep, sometimes emotional drama the original became known for that time. Blood, profanity, graphic death, that messy stuff will sometimes stay out, depending on the type of situation. It's honestly perfect in terms of the kind of presentation I'd like in a Sonic story to become: intense stakes and plenty of dark moments while not being exclusively those things and knowing when to keep things zany and lively.For instance, the Mobians and Humans exist in the same world. Robotnik can become both comedic and threatening at the same time. Knuckles is a lot more badass and not some blockheaded idiot who's constantly the butt of jokes. And Amy's characterization is more in line with her Boom counterpart. Another thing that I would revise is that Sonic isn't always the end-all-be-all solution to everyone's problems, and too many characters get the boot simply for the sake of giving Sonic the spotlight. The bottom line is that other characters can become used as well. I will give them that chance.I will NOT insert OCs into the story, whether they are Mobian or Human, because the Sonic series has a shedload of other characters that could potentially be valuable in the story. Whenever I read a Sonic story and see an OC character as part of the main cast, I tend to ignore them. Now, I want to go on the record to clarify that I am NOT hating good OCs or sending any harassment to anyone else. As much as I detest the idea to include OCs in stories, I never condone that sort of behavior to good people.I pretty much don't like any stories that the main characters are OCs, or the story's emphasis is on these OCs. I'd quit any story almost immediately when I feel one of those coming. I pretty much avoid all fanfics with OCs because of it. Don't get me wrong, I have read a FEW stories that I liked that had OCs in them, but I can tell you that ALL of those OCs didn't have powers and were not parts of the story. OCs can exist, but be wise about it. People who read fanfiction want to see the characters they love with new twists and turns, not to see something else happening to have the characters they love in it. OCs are okay, but I don't make them perfect and have them replace the people we love.Aside from that, I might remove any unnecessary story concepts and flesh out new ones too. The plot will be in a future society shared by modern HUMANS and highly evolved animals called MOBIANS. Humans live in the cities of urban areas, while Mobians occupy the forests or an opposite side of a border. Rarely do the two societies interact, but there will be a backstory between them that'll involve discrimination, jealousy, and conflict. It'll all start as the way they were, but try to stay tuned as I develop the entire series with new twists of my own!
Team Dark Rings of Despair CH 10Chapter 10: RevelationsAt last, all was in place.The guests were pouring in now, and their money was being funneled into the helicopter on the roof.The finest delicacies he had to offer were being prepared, which promised to keep any and all prying eyes focused in one place.The wagers were set, and the fighters would soon be escorted to the arena.King Jacque Kall had been ready for this night for far too long now, and at last it had arrived. Was he sorry to blow the lower levels of his arena? A little, perhaps. It just didn’t seem right to ruin several decades of work with only the press of a button, but it was necessary. He couldn’t leave anything to chance, and he needed only one survivor. Luckily, there was no question that Shadow had made it. He was the ultimate lifeform, after all, so it was likely that he had already cleared the maze and was being corralled to his box before he was to be released to fight the champion in tonight’s exhibition. Savage was probably putting up more of a fight thanks to his little...peptalk, and Jacque Kall was only sorry that he wouldn’t be able to see the final bout. But he had a flight to catch, and he prided himself on punctuality.Just then, there came a knock on his office door. A rather fervent and vigorous knock. He turned to the door, and he scowled.“Oh, bother! What could those idiots want now?”The knocking increased, and it looked like the door was about to fall off it’s own hinges.“Oh, alright! I’m coming! I’m coming!”He gathered up his staff, the ruby adorning it somewhat dim now, and he made his way over.“I swear, this sort of thing always happens when I’m in a rush. I swear, these people wouldn’t know competency even if it hit them in the face.”He threw the door open, and he was immediately struck in the face. The jackal monarch hit the ground in a stunned daze, but he didn’t stay on the floor long. Strong arms suddenly seized him up, and he looked into the scarred face of a younger looking jackal.“Hello, father.” His son jeered. “Bet you didn’t expect to see me again.”He swung the elder around, and he threw him into his desk. Jacque Kall staggered a bit, and his eyes had grown to the size of dining plates.“J-j-junior?! No! That isn’t possible! You’re dead!”The prince gave a dry, throaty laugh, and he slowly started to saunter over to his father.“Oh, you’re referring to that little kerfuffle with the Ifrit and the dynamite, yes? Come now, Father, don’t be a fool. I helped you design the Rings of Dante. I knew about the emergency door, you fool, and it was your own stupidity that it still had power. Once again, you underestimated your opponent, and now here you are. Sitting flat on your backside as everything you have ever loved crashes and burns around you.”Jacque Kall scrambled to get as far away from his son as he could, as well as reaching for the underside of his desk. His finger grazed the secret button, and he gladly pressed it to the point that the spring inside snapped. He began to laugh wickedly.“You fool! You think I wasn’t prepared? In the next few seconds, my best and strongest soldiers will be marching in here, and they’ll rip you to shreds! Your little coup is going to fail, just like the last one!”The prince couldn’t look any less concerned. In fact, he looked rather delighted.“Is that so? Well then, where are they?”Jacque Kalls large smile wilted, and he flicked an ear towards the door. There were no approaching footsteps. No shouts of his commander prepping for attack. Where were those idiots? He didn’t waste all that money on their fancy dining arrangements, not to mention the better than average rations, just so they could laze around while his life was at risk.“I’m afraid your little security force won’t be attending, father dearest.” The prince chuckled. “I’m afraid that they’re otherwise…*snicker*…occupied.”The look of horror on his father’s face was utterly priceless as he once again scrambled to get away from his son.“You…what did you do?”The prince gave a laugh.“Why not ask my partner. Or, rather, my business partner.”The sound of heels clicking against the stone floor caught his ears, and Jacque Kall gasped when Breezie, accompanied by Ground and Scratch, came waltzing into the room, wearing a smile and a clean business suit.“Greetings, prince honey. Sorry for the delay. After rolling in the dirt for a couple of days, I needed to freshen up. So what did I miss?”“Hardly a thing at all, my dear.” The prince chuckled, merely letting the fruits of our labor bloom and blossom.”“Breezie, you traitorous woman!” Jacque Kall wailed pitifully. “After all I’ve done for you, you would dare to stab me in the back like this?”Breezie rolled her eyes.“Hey, pot, names kettle, and yes we’re both black. You stabbed me first, and here I gave you my third favorite useless assistant to be the squish in your little show. By the way, how did she fair?”“Fell down a bottomless hole.” The prince said.“Priceless.” Breezie chuckled viciously.The prince then turned back to Jacque Kall.“Now then, father, I believe the theatrics are done. I’ll be taking what rightfully belongs to me. Effectively: everything.”In one final bid, Jacque Kall brandished his scepter, pointing the stone at him.“Stay back! One more step, and I will completely and utterly erase your brain!”The prince took a step.Jacque Kall squeaked, but nothing else happened.“Th-that was me being m-m-merciful! Because you’re my son! But take another step and I will…”The prince took another step, and in one swift motion he snatched the scepter, snapped it over his knee, and plucked the precious gem from its mooring. He spent a couple of moments observing the pretty jewel, admiring its luster and how handsomely it sat in his palm. He then turned back to his father, whom had been struck completely powerless and utterly at their mercy.“Look at you.” The prince said, disdain dripping from his tone. “I remember a time that I worshipped the ground you walked upon. The naivety of youth. I failed to see you for the weak and pathetic welp that you truly are. It’s no wonder the Phantom Ruby no longer shines for you. Your soft living and love of material things has revealed your empty potential. To think that you would use power comparable to a gods just to entertain some dirty humans with some cheap slapstick and bad comedy.”Jacque Kall trembled, but enough of his courage, or perhaps blatant stupidity, remained that he managed to scowl up at his son.“You’re the fool, junior! A fool with delusions of grandeur! Power of the gods? Ridiculous! I have used the Phantom Ruby for decades, and I have seen its fullest potential. You’ll never be able to make more money than I have.”“Money?” the prince said before cackling wildly. “You truly are a single-minded fool! Oh, when I’m through, you will see what true wealth and power looks like.”Breezie took this as her cue, and she snapped her fingers, signally Grounder and Scratch to move in on Jacque Kall and seize him.“Release me, you mechanical morons!” Jacque Kall squealed with rage. “Breezie, be reasonable! I have jewels! Rare, priceless gems! All yours!”“Oh, but they’re already mine.” Breezie said, gently booping him on the nose. “What do you think your boy elected to pay me with? Admittedly, I’m only after one in particular, but I’ll take anything and everything else you got.”She snapped her fingers again, and Scratch and Grounder began to tow him away.“Lock him up.” The prince called after them. “But be sure that he can see in full view what I am going to do. He will be my witness as I ascend to greatness.”Jacque struggled and thrashed in the robots’ grips, but soon enough he was exiting out the door and vanishing down the hall. Victory still sweet on his tongue, the prince made his way over to a cabinet behind the office desk. He turned a knob on the door and pulled, hearing a click before the cabinet moved aside and revealed a steal door. He entered the code on the panel next to the door, and it opened with a swish, revealing several beautiful and shiny gems that his father had accumulated over the years.“They’re all yours, my dear.”Breezie breezed past him and entered the room. She looked around, and her eyes landed on a red stone that seemed to still be covered with rock, the red gleam only barely visible underneath.“There it is! The power stone!”She seized the stone, and she plucked it into her purse.“Great. Now I can make that deal with Valgas. Working with your father kept me afloat, but with him I’ll be able to flourish like I did in the old days. These little trinkets and baubles won’t hurt, either.”The prince followed her inside, and his eyes landed on a treasure of his own. It was a silver jackal mask with red eyes and dark circles on the insides of the ears. He seized it, and he placed it over his face. Breezie looked back at him, and she hunched a brow.“I’m pretty sure that’s mine, seeing as it was in here, but the designer in me just can’t part a man with the perfect accessory. It really fits you.”“It should.” The prince said, his voice now distorted by the strange mask. “It is the mask of my ancestor, the first concurring king of the jackal clans. With the power of the Phantom Ruby, he united the clans all under his iron fist. I aim to follow in his footsteps. But for this campaign of mine to truly, I have to make a certain…splash. A way to show my soon-to-be conquests that I mean business. I trust that you have made the call?”Breezie nodded.“An anonymous call to GUN on the whereabouts of their agents as well as a plethora of wanted criminals all gathered in one spot? Signed, sealed, and delivered, though I must say that I have no intention of being here when they arrive. Not that I don’t think you can’t handle…whatever it is you’re going to do, but I didn’t get where I am without avoiding certain risks.”“That’s fine by me.” The prince said dismissively, admiring his mask in the reflection of a jeweled mirror. “Our transaction is complete, and I no longer have need of you. Feel free to depart at your earliest convenience.”Breezie studied the jackal for a long hot minute. Years of looking over her shoulder had made her instinctively paranoid, as well as the idea that everyone had a knife poised at her back.“How absolutely generous. You would let me go so easily?”The jackal scoffed, and he started to walk off.“Please, Breezie. You are no longer of any consequence. Merely a footnote in the grand saga that is my ascension. Go on and build your little empire, but always remember my father in the years to come. Money may bring convenience, but it molds over eventually. Careful you don’t catch your death. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a certain loose end I have to tie up.”Breezie watched him go, and then she began to gather as many jewels as she could carry. The sooner she left, the better.………………………………………..Shadow waited patiently. According to the prince, the room he was standing in now was where the challenger was supposed to wait to fight the champion in the coliseum. It wasn’t anything extravagant. Just a large, square shaped room with two doors, the one he sneaked in through and one that likely led to the arena, and a large video monitor. There were no chairs or tables, or even anything he could snack on. Shadow’s stomach growled as he recalled that he hadn’t even ate breakfast this particular morning, and heaven only knew how many calories he had burned through over the course of the last few days. It didn’t help that he had taken his inhibitor rings off once or twice over the last few days. That had drained his strength, and he didn’t have a chaos emerald to recharge. Not that he was genuinely worried. If all went well, he wouldn’t even have to fight the champion. The idea was to use the initial competition as a sort of smokescreen as the prince incapacitated the king’s guards, then he would jet up to the King’s box with his jet shoes and introduce his majesty’s backside to his foot and his nose to his fist. Suffice to say, Shadow was more than ready.Unfortunately, that meant he had to wait, and that was the only thing he and the blue faker had in common: both hated to sit still. Was he worried about being backstabbed? A tad, but he shook his head. That little weasel of a jackal made his business by tricking others into doing his dirty work, and if he had friends on the outside he wouldn’t have been in the rings in the first place. It was clear that he was favored to die judging from what he had been told thanks to his attempted coup, and the only comrades he had were killed in the attempt. It did make Shadow wonder what he was going to do to get rid of the guards.In an effort to distract himself, Shadow turned his thoughts back to Maria. He remembered her in the full, now. He had been created by Professor Gerald Robotnik, grandfather to Doctor Eggman, so as to synthesize an antidote for NIDS disease that his niece, Maria Robotnik, possessed. Maria was Shadow’s first friend, and her memory was his moral compass. To give everyone a chance to be happy, that’s what she had wanted. But that was where his memories faulted. Just what had happened between then and now. He knew she had died, but what had happened since then and just who had he been with that…Suddenly, pain arched in the space between Shadow’s ears, and a flood of memories erupted through his brain.Awakening.Amnesia.Servitude to the one that woke him.The blue faker.Vengeance.Memory restored.Redemption.Friendship.Purpose.It all came flooding back to him like a dam that had been blown with C4. The two from his dream; the ones he needed to find and rescue! Rouge and Omega! Now the pieces were finally falling into place. General Tower had been sending them on missions collecting chaos emeralds and anything that could be used as a power source with intel being on a need to know basis. A basis they apparently didn’t need to know. Satelite imaging showing one such power source in the Great Desert, and Team Dark had gone to investigate. There had been some sort of kerfuffle upon arrival, and they were shot down. He recalled the briefest of flashes as well as the grinning face of King Jacque Kall before the memories abruptly stopped.Shadow dropped to one knee, taking in generous gulps of air as he tried to steady his erractic heartbeat. Rouge and Omega were somewhere out there, and who knew what had happened to them. Had they been in the rings prior to him? If so, did that mean they fought the champion or had they…He didn’t dare finish that thought. The prince’s plan had to wait. He had to find Rouge and Omega and figure out a way out of here. Then and they could properly plan a strategy of attack. He turned back to the door he had come in through, only for a steel sheet to slam over it, cutting him off. There then came a click and a buzz of static as the monitor came on.“Hello, Shadow. How goes the plan on your end?”Shadow whirled around to glare daggers at the monitor. The mask was a new addition, but there was no mistaking the smirking face behind it.“What’s going on here, prince?!”Prince Jacque Kall gave a throaty laugh.“Honestly, Shadow, you must know by now what I’m all about. Quite frankly, I’m a tad surprised that you fell for this little farce so easily. Then again, given your little emotional episode plus your missing memories, I suppose you were just vulnerable enough for my master stroke to work. In retrospect, I guess it isn’t that much of a surprise. I mean, you were born a tool, and what fun it was to use you to build my future empire.”Shadow snarled, a chaos spear forming in his fists.“You’d better pray that I don’t get my hands on you, you filthy dog! Tell me where Rouge and Omega are, and maybe we’ll leave you with just a few of your bones unsnapped.”“A generous offer, but I must unfortunately refuse. You see, so many have come to see you fight the champion. May as well not disappoint.”There was a click followed by a hiss, and then the room began to fill up with a green mist.“Gas!” Shadow cursed.He covered his mouth, but by then it was too late. He crumbled to his feet and was soon fast asleep. From the monitor, the prince eyed his prey chuckling intently.“Perfect. At long last, the pieces now lay in place. No one can stop me now!”…………………………………………………………………………………………….“SOMEBODY GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!”Rouge’s ears were ringing like gongs from the Iron Dominion. Since regaining consciousness only to wake up in total, cramped darkness, she had been subjected to the nonstop, panicked and horrified screams of Rima. With very little to go on, she assumed that this was the box that had scared the maid so greatly, and she could immediately see why. There was barely enough space to breath, much less move about, which was made worse by her enormous badger roommate. The former head servant of King Jacque Kall wailed and squalled as she shook their prison looking for some sort of reprieve. Several times, she had slammed her elbow into Rouge’s cheek, knocking her head against the wall of the box.“Rima, please, calm down!” she pleaded. “Any more of this, and you’re going to squash me flat!”Rima rocked the cage one last time, and then she curled up as much as she could in a corner, weeping silently as she shook with despair. Every fiber of her body was trembling from the hairs on her head to the tips of her toenails.“I never should have listened to you.” She whimpered sadly. “What a fool I was. Of course King Jacque Kall knew what I was doing. He always knows! Now he’s going to make me work even harder for me! He will make me suffer worse than ever before!”Rouge felt like her ears were going to burst. If she didn’t get out of this thing, she was going to go insane! What’s worse, her wings were getting all bent up and…Rouge’s eyes popped open. Her eyes were adapting to the darkness thanks to her special eyes, and she could finally see why she felt so cramped. Her legs had returned to their proper lengths! In fact, she was even wearing her heart tipped boots again. Even her regular jumpsuit was on underneath the potato sack that had been her outfit for the last couple of days. What’s more, she could see the frayed ends of a broken rope lying in her lap. Then, it all clicked: the odd stiffness around her abdomen, the difficulty sleeping on her back, and then getting stuck in that vent in Savage’s room. She had her wings the whole time! She just couldn’t see them. But why? Was it some sort of illusion? Something to make her think she could escape? It would explain the rope’s shoddy shape. It was a cheap rope, after all, and one she could have easily sawn through if she had of seen it in the first place.“So it was all in my head.” She breathed; her eyes widening. “That’s it! That’s how he’s been doing this!”She turned back to her cellmate.“Rima! I know a way out, but I’m going to need your help!”The large, fluffy ball that was the gypsy tried to shrink down.“Leave me alone.”Rouge tried not to scowl, and she poked her in the ribs.“Rima, listen to me. I know how you’re feeling…”“No you don’t!” Rima suddenly roared, spinning over and her eyes flashing. “How could you understand? Don’t you get it? I’m not brave like you! I’m not some tough spy, treasure hunter, thief…whatever the heck you’re supposed to be! I’m just me.”“And there’s nothing wrong with that.” Rouge said softly.She fell quiet for a moment, closing her eyes before taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly.“But you’ve got one thing wrong. I’m not brave. Far from it, really.”Rima frowned, and she cocked her head.“How can you say that? You were the one that planned your escape, and if it weren’t for me it would have succeeded.”“One decent idea does not a courageous woman make.” Rouge stated pointedly. “I have to be honest, Rima. When we first met, I didn’t care about you. You were this spineless, lilly-livered featherweight that I felt I could easily manipulate into doing what I wanted. You’re the kind of people I’ve used as stepping stools for years to get by, and, if it weren’t for this one thing, I would have done it again in a heartbeat.”“What one thing?” Rima asked curiously.“My friends.” Rouge answered. “Shadow, Omega, they were just more stepping stones, one an amnesiac that had nearly blown up the world and the other a homicidal robot with some semblance of a conscience. To me, they were a wall that would keep GUN from arresting me and help me get more and more of the pretty jewels I like to surround myself with. But…over time, something started to change. Shadow helped me to develop something of a moral compass, to see beyond my own selfish impulses and to try and be nicer. I confess it doesn’t always work, but I’m trying. As for Omega, he’s the little brother I never wanted. He’s wild, crazy, and a little naïve, but I would gladly rip anyone apart if it meant protecting him. That’s how much he means to me.”She looked up to Rima once more, and she tilted badger’s head up so that the two ladies could see eye to eye.“It’s no secret that I treasure my freedom more than all of the gems and jewels in all the world, but the those two are more precious to me than any treasure. That is what spurs me on to fight back and work for my freedom. I can’t bring your parents back, Rima, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have something to work for. Now think of this. The king caught Savage with you last night, right? Chances are he’s been punished too, and, if my guess is right, he’ll be fighting Shadow in the arena. Those gladiatorial pits you’ve told me about are the only place I can think of where he went, and there’s no question in my mind that he made it to the top. They could be fighting right now, even as we speak, and you know how the king will want it to end. By the time the sun rises in the morning, one or neither of them will be walking out again. So, let me ask you this? Will you truly stand idly by while Jacque Kall takes yet another person precious to you away?”Rima’s eyes glistened with fresh tears. Images of her parents flashed behind her vision as she remembered those last few moments she had with them. Many of her memories were blurred, suppressed by her need to be emotionless in the face of her captor. She had bottled everything away all on the mere principle of self-preservation and the avoidance of pain. But Rouge’s words pierced the darkness clouding her mind like an arrow of like, and it struck her cleanly through the heart.Suddenly, she stopped trembling all at once, her hands clenched tightly into fists, and fire erupted in her pupils as the cork holding back her emotions finally popped. She cut loose with a guttural, almost bestial roar, startling Rouge before she thrust her arms upwards, and with a loud bang the hatch came off their box and clattered off to the side. A few moments later, Rima came clawing out, panting heavily for several long moments before finally containing herself. Her pulse bubbled and surged through her veins as she tried to get herself back under control, and then she looked back to the box. She hadn’t just thrown off the lid. She ripped it off of its hinges, threw it several feet, and the force of impact bent it in three places. Rouge soon joined her, and she smiled as she gently closed the other girl’s slack jaw.“Amazing, isn’t it?” she said.Rima nodded.“You told me once that I was strong, Miss Rouge, but never did I believe…”“And there was your problem.” Rouge said. “There’s been the entire problem of this whole kingdom. Jacque Kall makes everyone think that he alone has power, and I’d bet every emerald in jewelry box that the pretty stone on his staff played a part. Look,”She flapped her wings, and she held up the rope.“I still had my wings the whole time. He must’ve had me in some kind of illusion to make me think I lost all of my abilities. It was a dirty trick, but no less an effective one. He didn’t need such parlor tricks with you, however. He had your entire childhood to make you think you were weak and worthless. Well, honey, now’s your chance to show him just how wrong he always was.”She flashed Rima a thumbs-up, and she offered a wink.“What do ya say, girl? Wanna beat up your boss?”Rima studied Rouge for a long moment, and then she nodded.“Let’s do this.”Rouge grinned, and the two ladies made their way out. It appeared that the crate had been stored on some sort of helicopter on the uppermost deck of the compound. So they were literally as far away from the arena as possible.“So we’ll have to fight our way down there, won’t we?” Rouge growled as her fists clenched. “So you wanna brawl, Jacque Kall? Ok, then. Let’s get ready to rumble!”
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Hey, if anyone's interested, check out Sonic-Quantum. The founder's looking for ideas and contributors for a big comic project to draw in Archie Sonic fans.
WildonVantrix Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
we've literally broken classic sonic's petition! Sweating a little... :D (Big Grin)

1114 to 1160(and still counting)

old petition for Classic Sonic:…
For those interested, here's the petition:…

The site for the group is at : save-archie-sonic.deviantart.c…
The group name may say "Save Archie Sonic", but do you think its more like "Save Sonic's Multivers" or "Bring Sonic's Multiverse Back... to the franchise"?…

Considering its really all of Sonic's & Classic Sonics Dimensions that are being abused, neglected, and ignored, Especially after the multiverse crash in the comics, which is really kinda anti-generations for a lot of the classic sonic veterans?…
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Now the highly signed Sonic petition is for the Freedom Fighters to return. We're at 2101 right now, look.…
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May I please join?
MarioSonicPeace Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
Thank you very much for letting me join.
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Have anyone here heard about Dragonball Multiverse? If you have, then how would you feel y'all saw a fan web comic that's similar in concept to DBM albeit w/o the graphic or VERY graphic stuff (with the Sega Sonic
chars meeting up and competing against their alternate zone
counterparts in an tournament stadium with only one 
fighter winning an outstanding prize)?
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I don't see why that dang Sonic Archie hater group is the most popular out of the STH comic groups. I mean come on, it's not THAT bad! I mean, without the comic, :iconshardmetalsonicplz: wouldn't be my fav XD
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