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Well, the trailer is out, and the date is set.  After over a decade, season 11 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will debut on April 14!  That's two days before Easter, a day before the local ski mountain closes, and essentially tax day.  It'll be a busy weekend in my neck of the woods.

Naturally, I'm trying to prepare a batch of fanart to celebrate the occasion.  Alas, it's been a little tricky.  For one, I don't draw as much as I used to.  For another, I've pretty much picked all of the low hanging fruit as far as MST3K fanart goes.  I mean, do I add anything to the fandom by drawing a tenth portrait of Rowsdower?  And would even the most hardcore or hardcore fans care if I draw a tribute to, oh, say, 'Ring of Terror' or 'Stranded in Space'?  It's a bit of a challenge finding something new (but still interesting) to draw...

Speaking of the show's revival, as one of the show's Kickstarter backers, I got to download new copies of the first two KTMA episodes; 'Invaders From the Deep' and 'Revenge of the Mysterions From Mars'.  Man, those episodes are hard to watch.  Barely any riffing at all.  Still, the movies themselves are extremely goofy.  It'd be great if either of those movies were part of the revival.

Anyways, before the premier was announced, I had already given myself a project to hype myself up for it; starting last January, I started watching every episode I had, in order.  (Excepting episodes I remembered as being especially bland, like 'Untamed Youth', or annoying, like 'Women of the Prehistoric Planet'...  The most interesting thing that this marathon has revealed:  Trump jokes!  Yes, even 30 years ago, Donald Trump was already a nationally known figure and pop culture reference.  It kind of puts the president in a new light....  My unofficial tally stands at 6 jokes or references by the beginning of season four.

Anyways, here's to the revival!  May it be as awesome as we are hoping....
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The Resilience of Spaceman Spiff
What better way to ring in the new year than with some good old-fashioned nostalgia?  Behold; Spaceman Spiff, in all his semi-realistic glory!  He may have crash landed on this desolate planet, but that won't stop him from looking awesome!

On a related note, last Christmas I gave a Calvin and Hobbes treasury to each of my three nephews.  This Christmas, the report came back that the kids have been reading them to the point that the binding are beginning to fall apart. Its good to know that the classics are still appreciated....
The Many Outfits of Stella Star
A tribute to the old sci-fi B-movie "Starcrash," and to its most prominent feature: The Many Outfits of Stella Star!  Starting on the left, we have; Stella's casual piloting uniform, Stella's slave-miner outfit, her desert-adventure outfit, her formal piloting uniform, and of course, her arctic-adventure costume.

....In addition to being a 'classic' sci-fi B-movie, Starcrash was also featured in season 11 of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  In my opinion, it was one of the better episodes of the season.  And, being a sci-fi space space adventure flick, it was also the perfect follow up to the absolute classic of an episode; "Space Mutiny!"  As such, it was only natural for me to draw a tribute to Starcrash in the same way as I drew my tribute to Space Mutiny; in the same format as my "Many Names of David Ryder" series of drawings;……
Space Kitty Colored
A random drawing of a happy and probably playful space kitty!  I'd sketched this character once or twice before, but this is the first time I've taken her to full color.

I watched a youtube inking tutorial before finishing this, so I was feeling like I was on a roll at that point.  I maybe could have posted this as an inktober image, but I haven't done anything else for that, and the drawing seemed like it was be so easy to color, so I jumped straight to that phase....
Avenging the Earth
A drawing of Tony Stark from Infinity War, with a caption of a quote by Tony Stark from the original Avengers.  Looking back on things now, there are a few quotes from the earlier movies that are uncomfortably prophetic....

....Just an ink drawing with some mood-color splashed over it.  I originally wanted to give this the full-color treatment, but the drawing itself just wasn't good enough to warrant the extra effort....
Wizards of the Other Lost Kingdom
Oh, no!  Kor the Conqueror got black-out drunk in the previous picture (… ) and woke up in the sequel!  Now he has to help another teenaged wizard with another puffy sidekick save another lost kingdom from another set of evil wizards!  ...Maybe he aught to just drain whatever's left in his flask...

Anyways, here's a tribute to another episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II.  The movie was basically just a remake of the first WotLK movie, just with different characters.  The problem was, unlike the original, this movie movie knew it couldn't live up to its own hype, so it tried to be funny.  And therefore is less funny than the abject failure of the original.  Plus, while Tyor (the teen) and Caedmon (the old guy) were as good or better than their counterparts in the original, this movie had no one, not even David Carradine's character, who could compete with the sheer drunken brilliance that was Kor the Conqueror.


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