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Rapunzel Short Blonde Hair

By archibaldart
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So I was curious as to how Punzie look with her new haircut but still a blonde, then I edited it in Photoshop. It was a challenge in achieving the golden blonde tone and this is the farthest that I can go in lightening up her hair. What you think?

This is a screenshot of the Disney Animation Film TANGLED
Disney holds the rights to this movie, I don't own anything.
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CRESS basically 
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Nice Photoshop of Rapunzel with short hair.
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"All hail Rapunzel, Queen of Corona!"
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Honestly prefer the blonde but the brunette works too. Great job!!!
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i was wondering the same ! ^^ ,  now that I see the result I can tell I prefer when her short hair is brown  (or with long blond hair) but it seems that short blond hair doesn't work to me ^^

(good work by the way ! ;) 
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I always liked she blond more than brown hair 
EmmaSakura495's avatar
this is an EXCELENT Photo manipulation. Really really good job! She looked like such a different person with brown hair... You should do a photo manip of Rapunzel with long brunette hair. THAT would be really cool too!
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thank you very much for the feature =D :hooray:
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Look my tangled blog version [link] & [link]
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You did a good job with the color! It looks like how they have colored it.
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its kind of better then brown... i like it this way :)
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I fav this for support blond short hair rapunzel!
Astrogirl500's avatar
Oh yes i would she leaves long for ever!
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looks good. I bet it was hard. Good job :) She looks cute xD
Timmy-Griffin's avatar
She's so pretty..
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Awesome picture! She looks like me!!!
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she look like heather mason
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This movie made me cut my hair because she was just too cute with short hair.

My hair looks like this now.
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