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Official Disney Princess Line Up by archibaldart Official Disney Princess Line Up by archibaldart
Here you go guys, I edited a full 13 Disney Princesses line up, Elsa and Anna are not official Disney artwork for the line up and I thought the images i used can pass for the line up. I do not own anything and all rights reserved to Disney and to whom the artist of Anna is.

On the side note, this is my preferred color scheme,angle, positioning of the Disney princess. From Cindy's silver dress and Strawberry-Blonde hair, Aurora's Ash Blonde hair, to Rapunzel's golden hair, Belle & Ariel are set together and Mulan's dynamic pose.

I would have preferred Anna and Elsa up front but Anna's height really differs to Aurora and Cindy. And it would make her look to have a big head. Lastly, I positioned Elsa next to Cindy instead the other way around because of her fucking big dress. Since the image i used for Elsa wasn't a png file her cape isn't transparent. So which led to the decision of having the Center Stage or the Princess Throne to Cindy, and it kinda looks like the 3 of them are The Mean Girls.ahahah 
typographically Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016
But isnt Ela technically a queen.
SuperSmashLexi Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2016  Professional General Artist
Now there's Moana
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