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40K Tyranids - Trygon Prime

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A Trygon Prime with the same color code than my Previous Carnifex (that you can see here on its new 60mm base: [link]). Big difference is that there is nothing magnetized on it, as there were so many little details that set apart a Prime from a regular Trygon that I preferred not bothering.

The kit is so well designed that in comparison it blasts away the poor old Carnifex kit into oblivion. It's also the most aggressive I ever worked on as I can't count the amount of time I ended up with a random claw piercing my fingers. These things end up as pointy as a needle, and the model is covered with them!

As usual any comment or critics are welcome, and if you see anything wrong or poorly written in the Imperial pamphlet in the middle of the pic please don't hesitate to tell me. Thank you all!
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squirrels-are-evilHobbyist General Artist
Compeltely agree, with the new codex they took away all that was awesome in the Carnifex in that it could be modified to your liking. Now it's just a pitiful list of biomorphs...and every fex has to take the same morphs?!

Whereas the Trygon you get the speed, the attacks...even it's ranged weapon is fairly formidable, and it can be upgraded to have synapse. An easy choice between the two in my opinion
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Well there are so many things to say about these units. But I agree that the Trygon was touched by a severe "I'm new thus my rules are awesome buy me" while at the same time the Carnifex suffered a "We sold enough kits in 4th Edition now I suck go buy a new model" syndrome.

I personally use Carnifexes in only two configurations:
- A Brood of two with a HVC and TL Devourer, close to a Tervigon (giving FnP and Onslaught for both Carnifex at the same time) and a Hive Tyrant (giving them Preferred Enemy in order to compensate the lack of Scything Talons)
- With either the full CC package + Plasma, or with a single TL Devourer, joined to a Tyranid Prime with regen to benefit from wound allocation. (I do that if I don't field a Hive Tyrant)

The Tyranid Codex still has some tricks available to Carnifexes. Alas doesn't change the fact they are overpriced.
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HadowsayHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Lovely work. whats that gun on the Base?
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The body of the gun is from an Imperial Bastion Defense Laser. The gun itself comes from Space Crusade and is a Chaos Dreadnought Assault Cannon. Because contrary to the current codex, Chaos Dreadnoughts were awesome machines of destruction in Space Crusade! :p
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Ugly monster !
Beautiful work!
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Thank you.

But who knows, by Tyranids standard the Trygon may be quite handsome! It's just that usually nobody remains to check who gets all the girls at the Tyranids victory party...
... suddenly a terrific idea for a diorama is popping inside my head. It's a good thing that my brain constantly thinks about nonsensical things!
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AiresyllHobbyist General Artist
You've made a lovely Trygon.

I'm with you on the assembly too, that bastard is sharp!
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Thank you.

Yup quite a vicious beast. But for now I'm done with Trygons, I have a Hive Tyrant and a Carnifex waiting for their turn.
SDGRAPHICSHobbyist General Artist
Love that added shine on its flesh and scales. great work.
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Many thanks!
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I really like the color scheme a lot. I feel your pain on the pointy bits, I've painted three of these guys, two primes and one mawloc.
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Thank you.

Sooner or later I'll also do two additional Trygons, but I want them to have more dynamic poses, like if they were springing forward. Will be a pain to model and resculpt thought and will lead to many sharp claws ending up stuck inside my fingers, so it will be quite some time before I gather the willpower required to begin that project.
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Yeah, was a little disappointed about how the torso fit together on that model and felt that it didn't give you much in the way of positioning.
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